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On A Desert Island With. . . . CGI Folks

Claire Armstrong, Tim Harrington, Victoria Livingstone.

This month we heard from the following computer animation artists when we posed the question, "What ten films would you want to have with you if stranded on a desert island?" Claire Armstrong is an in-house director at Cinesite Hollywood. Tim Harrington, a senior animator, and Victoria Livingstone, a CG animator, both worked on Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace at Industrial Light & Magic.

Caricature of Claire Armstrong by John Mann, senior art director at Cinesite.

Claire Armstrong's picks:

1. The Cat Concerto by Hanna-Barbera.2. The Jungle Book (Disney).3. Sledgehammer by Joe Johnson.4. All three Wallace & Gromit shorts by Nick Park.5. A Bug's Life by John Lasseter.6. Luxo Jr. by John Lasseter.7. What's Opera, Doc? by Chuck Jones.8. Girl's Night Out by Joanna Quinn.9. Red Hot Riding Hood by Tex Avery.10. Bambi (Disney).

Victoria Livingstone's picks:

1. Looney Tunes (Warner Bros.).2. Watership Down by Martin Rosen.3. Nightmare Before Christmas by Henry Selick.4. Clash of the Titans by Ray Harryhausen.5. Deadsy by David Anderson.6. The Rescuers (Disney).7. Britannia by Joanna Quinn.8. Neighbors by Norman McLaren.9. Creature Comforts by Nick Park.10. Fantasia (Disney). Tim Harrington's picks: 1. Nightmare Before Christmas by Henry Selick.2. A Bug's Life by John Lasseter.3. Toy Story by John Lasseter.4. Fantasia (Disney).5. Pinocchio (Disney). 6. Peter Pan (Disney).7. Alice in Wonderland (Disney).8. King Size Canary by Tex Avery.9. Book Revue by Bob Clampett.10. Duck Amuck by Chuck Jones.

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David Kilmer is associate editor of Animation World Magazine.