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Career Coach: A Thank You Note

As Thanksgiving approaches, Pamela Kleibrink Thompson encourages us to think back and thank those who have helped us throughout the year.

In the United States, November is the time we celebrate Thanksgiving, a tradition started when the colonists shared a feast with the Indians to thank them for their help. The Indians helped the colonists survive the first year in America by showing them how to plant corn and sharing tips on how to find and hunt other food.

Give Thanks

November is a great time to thank all those who have helped you during the last year or previously. Remember those who have encouraged you, inspired you, or taught you something and helped you both to survive and thrive. Thank those who goaded you into action or supported your dreams. Make it a goal to give something back in the coming year. Help someone else who might need a little encouragement, give some assistance to someone who needs some help, lend an ear to listen, and some brains to solve a problem.

Giving thanks is a good idea at any time. I want to give thanks to Animation World Network for giving me the opportunity to write this column every month and to the readers who respond with feedback, questions and ideas for more columns. I also want to thank all those who have helped me -- clients, teachers, colleagues, teammates, family and friends. I want to thank those who volunteer in various organizations like ASIFA, Women in Animation, SIGGRAPH and others who devote their time and energy to promoting animation and sharing their love for animation and experiences with others. These people are an invaluable resource and wealth of information as well as support.

And Be Thankful

We should be thankful that animation has become ever more popular and omnipresent. Animation can be found in video games, music videos and museums; on motion picture screens, television sets and wireless devices. Animators are found working all over the world and as often in tiny studios in small towns as in huge studios in large cities. Interest in animation continues to grow and there are many Websites devoted to the dissemination of information on various aspects of animation. It's easier than ever to learn about animation -- from teachers, mentors, Websites and books.

This is a good time to thank your teachers -- not only those you met at school, but those you've met at work. Thank your mentors and others who help you, whether you've met them through an online discussion group or industry function. Never stop learning, and always keep an eye out for a good teacher.

This is a good time for employers to thank their staff for a job well done. Even those who show their appreciation often throughout the year, should do it at this time as well. Remember to thank those who have helped and supported you at this time of year, especially customers or clients or employers who have given you work. If you are an employee, thank your boss and employer for your job and giving you the opportunity to work at something you love.

I am grateful to those who have made it possible and continue to make it possible for us to pursue our dreams. I want to thank those who gave us freedom. I want to thank those who work for peace.

Giving thanks is something to do regularly all year long. A little appreciation is greatly appreciated. The holidays are a busy time for everyone but it's important to take a moment and reflect on how you've been helped and better yet, think about how you might help someone else.

Pamela Kleibrink Thompson was a pilgrim in animation, has worked for many turkeys, and is thankful she has her own recruiting and career coaching business now.