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Capturing Chaos and Unpredictability in POORSTACY’s ‘Get Out’ Visualizer

Artist Yemi Faleti used Premiere Pro with Boris FX’s Sapphire and Red Giant’s VFX suite to produce the rapid cuts and melting colors in his CG piece for Universal Music Group’s °1824 division.

AWN is pleased to share Get Out, the fifth and final short in a series of innovative, animated works produced through Universal Music Group’s °1824 division, showcasing the work of talented young artists that helped the company’s record labels create engaging shorts, using all manner of digital tools, during the pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, many °1824 team members were more focused on videography than animation and motion graphics. However, with time on their hands during quarantine, they’ve taught themselves new skillsets to pivot into new areas of digital creativity. Fueled by instructional YouTube videos of Adobe After Effects, and tips from colleagues with animation experience, the team evolved to produce captivating music video content that you’ll see in this series.

Our latest piece, POORSTACY’s Get Out visualizer, from Internet Money Records / 10K Projects, is animated by Baltimore artist Yemi Faleti.

Take a look at his work:

For Faleti, the piece was inspired by previous POORSTACY visuals as well as a desire to amplify the essence of a live show. “Admittedly, I wanted this piece to be a bit chaotic and unpredictable,” the artist shares. “But I also kept the viewers in mind, because when I’m crafting visual experiences, I want them to feel like a journey. As soon as Get Out begins, it is full of energy and vibrance. I sought to complement the sense of energy with visuals that instantly captivate the viewer, through continuous motion and colors that melted into one another.”

Faleti used rapid cuts, masking techniques, and exceptionally bright lighting, to give the short its signature look. “The application of glow effects also contributed to the aesthetic,” he notes. “I primarily used Boris FX’s Sapphire and Red Giant’s VFX suite in Premiere Pro.”

“When crafting visual experiences, it is essential to infuse the work with elements of the artist’s personality and sound,” Faleti adds. “POORSTACY has a unique, energetic sound that inspired the pace and flow of this video, which I so appreciate having had the opportunity to work on.”

Built and run by Goodwin, the SVP of the Marketing, Content, and Experiences team, °1824 is powered by young artists and serves as UMG’s internal creative solutions team; 85 reps in 50 markets provide services including content creation, live events, experiential activations, college media outreach, A&R scouting, tour marketing, digital marketing, and campus and lifestyle visibility. This team has become UMG’s talent incubator for the music industry, placing more than 80 reps into full time positions (and 50 at UMG alone) since 2015. 

All °1824 content creators are paid employees and members of the UMG team. They don’t outsource, and all their assets are created by teams of compensated employees. All content is produced for their labels/artists for °1824; individual creators are credited for their role in the content creation.

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