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Animators Unearthed - Martha Colburn

Every Monday, Chris Robinson serves up Animators Unearthed, a brief introduction to prominent and not-so-prominent indie animators. Today: Martha Colburn

'XXX Amsterdam' by Martha Colburn

Oh heavens above thank you thank you thank you. Ya see I’ve been at a crossroads with ol’ animation of late. All they seem to offer me are all these tender precious oh-so-fucking sensitive carefully crafted take forever to make HIGH ART ‘works’ or these bland ha ha goofy fart vomit gags fooling themselves and the shits who watch them into thinking theyre real original unique rebellious punk rock like avril lavigne (shes from round here ya know) give me a break but oh baby thank you for Martha first off Martha is real sexy I’d like to suck her toes or even naw on her bones any ol day we met in Utrecht I was rude She was rude She won Took the damn chair we said we were saving Bitch Didn’t know who she was then I saw her films sort like umm albert ayler hangin with betty page roger corman and William castle crazy out of control in your face constant zoom pop art collage painted over with occasional photo-cut out figures trash culture at its finest a THANK YOU in the faces of all those craft/technique perfections who dominate the animation world martha’s having a good time and so am i No high falutin deas here just groovy bug attacks cat loving dogs a world gone zombie dogs getting off on cats hey loser xray vision doesn’t mean youre gonna see titties and skin just ba ba ba ba bone buddy you wanna see what’s underneath them panties Really underneath tis all bone that’s it all if there’s a punk rock animator tis Martha images like boxers they shift duck dance and jab manic zooms like non-stop jabs teasing you tappin your chin before the right comes smash smash smashin into your jaw knockout don’t look for no safety net no hand to grab onto there aint no core no fixed no nothing to protect you 

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A well-known figure in the world of independent animation, writer, author & curator Chris Robinson is the Artistic Director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival.