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Animation Tips & Tricks for Windows and Mac

Don Seidel gives a thumbs up to Animation Tips &Tricks for Windows and Mac, saying that it relates useful 3D modelingand animation shortcuts.

I found Don & Melora Foley's book Animation Tips & Tricks for Windows and Mac to be a joy to read as well as a valuable resource. The authors' extensive experience in 3D modeling and animation are brought to life in a collection of easy-to-follow tricks.

The book is a series of short examples on a range of subjects which benefit almost anyone working in 3D modeling and animation. The book assumes one is versed in the basics; and that's good because too much print can be wasted on reiterating the manuals. However, the book does give an excellent overview of various platforms and software to allow one to make an intelligent choice about which road is best suited for one's needs. The authors also explain the use of other programs (such as image editing, drawing, etc.) in the creation process. Though the book's focus is on animation, nearly every example will include valuable lessons for the still 3D modeler as well. Each technique is presented in text and graphically to quickly convey the message. There's a wealth of beautiful artwork included from a number of artists who used a variety of different programs to produce their work. The book includes contact information for both artists and software companies. In addition, a cross-platform CD is included with libraries of models, sounds and textures to use. I've been modeling in 3D for years, and this book will become part of my resource library. It's not biased toward a particular platform or program, and it's full of fresh ideas. Animation Tips & Tricks for Windows and Mac by Don and Melora Foley. Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press, 1997. 144 pages. ISBN: 0-2016-9643-6. (U.S. $44.95 paperback) Includes CD-ROM. Don Seidel is President of Seidel Architects, Inc. in San Antonio. He has over 20 years experience in the field of architecture, and has been using 3D software for the last 6 years. His firm offers graphics and web design, 3D imaging and animation, architectural design and Mac consulting. A husband and father of four, Don has been known on occasion to sneak into the backyard for a cigar.