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The Animation Pimp: In Search of STUFF Part 3: Fear of a Non-Narrative Planet

Why are we so scared to venture outside of the carefully planned linear world of storytelling? The Pimp ventures an opinion.

in one of phil mulloys films see a man running back and forth on a train track between 2 brick walls when he comes to the end he bangs his head against the wall at one pt he trips and stumbles off the tracks as he gets up he sees a forest of trees startled he rushes back on the tracks and runs back and forth again unknown inability to articulate fears thoughts into language miscommunication misunderstanding fear anger violence socrates laughed at those who feared death not an ounce of understanding or knowledge yet we avoid fear loathe it narrative films provide patterns stabilitydisruptionresolution nonnarrative follows no route no center noTHING to grab endless always being freefloating some say wanky selfindulgent shit is that the case or fear of unknown being wrong fear that presumes a right nonnarratives personal unique challenge assumptions we are so in tune that apparent lack of melody is alien life 9 5 day night open close time constrains us being set according to pre-defined clocks controlling time cannot be tamed look at the days as cycles not single entities days weeks weekends history divides by decades 50s 60s as if actions of time can be neatly summarized within those tens despite that we don't control time our life is not a narrative escape escape from what escape from time is escape from death snot possible beginning is end is beginning is end is beginning is end is end over means over end being in not for moment like sex orgasm intense moment process is richer reward life snot summarized in one moment neither should art the pleasure of nonNARRATIVE is sensual cognitive maybe confused but a feeling moved disgusted don't run see it again and again until its system becomes familiar acceptable understood education alphabet addition once other now familiar narrative taught everywhere commercials newsprint radio television internet always wasn't western industrial phenomenon homer greeks asians scattered multilayered narrative jumps time space people assume one is rightwrong disneydickwilliamschuckjones always right but sjust 1 language articulation possibility among many too many take 1 to be truth slike english language we me expect other to learnaccommodateunderstand mean we right they wrong tribalism close to home what you know know yourself doesn't mean stop stagnate end no more knowing living process always experiencing flexibility respect of other views like like like with boxing started in sept quickly discovered I couldn't skip worth shit hated doing it looked like a fool within a few weeks found myself getting it now I can rotate my feet doublejumpcrossovers coming basic skipping is familiar fear is gone worked at understanding led to confidence new perspective but to just do basic skipping becomes tedious mind/body needs challenge swhy I cant understand those who keep laughing same jokes hollywoods fine once in a while nice to have some certainty resolution emptiness but after time same ol character music story dialogue tiresome like paint by numbers cant eat big macs everyday die unhealthy fat no taste me thinks this rejectionfear of alternative forms of narrative might reflect some culturalreligiouspoliticalrace xenophobia rejection of japaneseestonianpolishrussianchinese film a refusal of other possibilities interpretations realities everything we experience is subjective everything we inhale intake is but a possibility tough though mediaeducation prioritizes tribe rarely get other eye voice too much work easier to stay near tribe but as mick said ya gotta move yet same time get miffed by those non-narrative pure art fugs who reject shakeheadlowerbrows at my your right to enjoy ripping friends samurai jack south park as valid as man who planted trees tale of tales both tribal need empathy not sympathy sure taste of necessity is real but taste of liberty is possible dont mean u need to book a flight to Tallinn cause I got the solution to this fear of nonnarrativeabstractexperimentalotherdifferencethem see was watching American pie 2 and this guy was learning tantra so he could get real deep and spiritual with stiffler's mom seems to me you we could do worse than to give tantric shaggin a try taint goal orientated tis in the moment and teaches ya to step into the other shoes and all the while raises your consciousness of the inner outer world within around you so next time you bitching griping about some lameass artfukkfilm with dotscirclesquaresorsquigglylinesabsurdplotssymbolicoddshapedprimitivelydrawn characters head to the bedroom with someonething you love or could and let the tantric meat dance begin might not clarify your bewilderment over the latest priitparnigorkovalyovquaybrothers film but ya just might have the best sex of your life bottom line kids just cause your house has four walls don't mean u need to


Ok...well that concludes my STUFF trilogy. Here's the STUFF I learned.

1 -- everything produced by humans is art, even me 2 -- a.) judgement is a mediator in our mind between our understanding and reason      b.) taste is a bullshit distinction that reinforces social differences 3 -- Industry and Indies need to come together for some goalless tantric sex 4 -- my appreciation of Booty Call,Murder, She Wrote AND Jorge Luis Borges is normal, balanced and healthy 5 -- that doesn't explain the goats

Next Month: Hollow Gestures

Have animation films really become more racially tolerant?

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A well-known figure in the world of independent animation, writer, author & curator Chris Robinson is the Artistic Director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival.