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Category: 3D


Production Profile: 'Kommi'

Tony and Maria, the adoptive parent of Kommi, are a famous geologist and a genius physicist in Australia. The family went on to expedition together in New Zealand where they found a shrine that appeared to be built by an alien. They also found a fresco that describes the secret of the universe and a legend that seven heroes will save the world with the power of skipping rope.


Production Profile: 'Alloo’s Little World'

Alloo loves hide-and-seek and fruits. Kalloo loves fishing. Dalloo loves dandelions. These three friends are all different yet have been best friends. One day a new friend from a far away planet, Altoo, came to visit Alloo, Kaloo and Daloo in their forest. The only thing Altoo can say is ‘Altoo.’ The three friends teach Altoo everything and tell lots of stories.


Company Profile: 'Dongwoo Animation CO, Ltd.'

Established in 1991, Dongwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (“Dongwoo Animation”) is a leading entertainment company whose business area covers 2D and 3D animation production, distribution, toy manufacturing, and character licensing. The company houses 50 animation directors and 350 animators along with a state-of-the-art HD editing system.

Disney Headline News

Disney Wants to Shorten Alice DVD Window

In the latest battle between studios and theaters in the theater-to-DVD windows war, Walt Disney has requested a shortening of a month for the home entertainment release of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, reports VARIETY.