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Category: Visual Effects

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Pendragon’s War Of The Worlds Maquettes At Sci-Fi Museum

Production maquettes from Pendragon Pictures' new movie version of H.G. Wells' THE WAR OF THE WORLDS will be featured in the new WAR OF THE WORLDS exhibit opening at Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame beginning Oct. 30, 2004. The exhibit, which will run for one year, also features dozens of book editions, radio, film and stage adaptations. An array of artists' interpretations of the Martian invasion, including a collection of original illustrations for the 1906 le Vandamme edition of the novel by Brazilian artist Alvim Correa will be on display.

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The Blob Gets A Second Remake

Paramount Pictures and producer Scott Rudin have teamed to remake THE BLOB, reports VARIETY. The original films producer Jack Harris worked out a deal with Warner Bros., producers of the 1958 Steve McQueen version, to bring the remake rights to Paramount where he has production deal. Studio evp Brian Witten and creative exec Ed Goemans will oversee the pic. No writer or director has been signed.

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Sony Lands Superman’s Return

As expected, Sony Pictures Imageworks got the SUPERMAN RETURNS gig after Warner Bros. took it away from ESC Ent., forcing it to close shop and go on hiatus, reports HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

Former Imageworks staffer Mark Stetson, who is supervising vfx for Warner Bros., was instrumental in helping Sony beat out ILM in the bidding.

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LightWave 3D to Contain 64-Bit Port Capability

NewTek Inc. announced the port of its Emmy Award-winning LightWave 3D to the Intel EM64T and AMD64 platforms. NewTek touts LightWave 3D as the first professional 3D graphics application to publicly reveal plans for a 64-bit port.

Game Headline News

Blur’s Warhammer 40,000 Cinematic Bridges Movie/Gaming Gap

Touting feature-film quality computer animation, Blur Studio has produced a CG cinematic for one of this years most anticipated games, THQs WARHAMMER 40,000: DAWN OF WAR. The thrilling, two-minute film, included with the game CD, introduces players to WARHAMMERS dark, futuristic fantasy universe through an intense, tactical battle between legions of alien warriors.

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Painkiller Jane Arrives on Sci Fi

Sci Fi Channel has given the thumbs up on a two-hour pilot, PAINKILLER JANE, based on Joe Quesada and Jim Palmiotti's Event Comic series. NBC Universal TV Studios is set to produce in association with MGM TV. John Harrison (FRANK HERBERT'S DUNE), Don Opper and Greg Gold will write and exec produce the show. Production is set to start by the end of the year. The story follows Jane, a young Marine who after being exposed to a biochemical weapon gains self-healing powers, which she uses to fight crime and dodge the military.

Studios Headline News

Fog Rolls In At Revolution Studios

Revolution Studios is set to remake John Carpenters 1980 horror flick, THE FOG, reports VARIETY. THE CORE scribe Cooper Layne has been hired to pen the screenplay. Debra Hill and Carpenter, who wrote the original, will produce along with David Foster. Production is scheduled to begin in February. The original film was set in a Northern California coastal town where a thick fog descends and brings back the drowned seaman who died in a shipwreck 100 years prior.

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NVIDIA GeForce 6 Drives High-End Share Growth

NVIDIA reported that the rapid adoption of its leading family of 3D graphics processing units (GPUs) has moved it into the number one spot in the Microsoft DirectX 9.0, or high-end performance segment of the market, rising from 26% share in the second quarter of 2004 to 64% share in the third quarter of 2004, according to market analyst firm Mercury Research.

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Batman Begins with New Cross-Console Game

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 12:00am

Warner Bros. Interactive Ent., DC Comics and Electronic Arts will join forces to bring BATMAN BEGINS to multiple videogame platforms in 2005. In this exclusive co-publishing agreement, a game based on the upcoming film will be released day and date with the film on the PlayStation 2, the PSP (PlayStation Portable), Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

Lucas Headline News

Catch Me/Terminal Scribe Given Crack at Indy 4

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 12:00am

With George Lucas rejecting the last script from Frank Darabont, Lucas and director Steven Spielberg have hired CATCH ME IF YOU CAN/THE TERMINAL scribe Jeff Nathanson to take a crack at penning the fourth installment of INDIANA JONES, reports VARIETY.

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Digital Musings From the Editor:

When word leaked to us that the shuttered Walt Disney Animation (Japan) studio was reopening with most of the former Disney animators and staff as The Answer Studio, VFXWORLD immediately tried to secure an interview with president Motoyoshi Tokunaga. The former vp/gm of the Disney studio in Tokyo politely asked us to be patient.

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Picture Mill Drips Blood in Grudge Main Titles

Picture Mill introduces the unexpected world of Japanese horror with a sequence steeped in blood and fear for director Takashi Shimizus American debut, THE GRUDGE, the unexpected horror hit from Columbia Pictures and Sam Raimis Ghost House.

Visual Headline News

VES Receives $46,000 Donation from Atkin Family

The Visual Effects Society (VES) is the recipient of a $46,000 donation from founder Tom Atkins family to honor pioneers in the field of visual effects. Five funds will be established to finance awards and scholarships and be known as the:

* Peter Ellenshaw Fund, in the amount of $10,000* Albert Whitlock Fund, in the amount of $10,000* Linwood Dunn Fund, in the amount of $10,000* Douglas Trumbull Fund, in the amount of $10,000* Tom Atkin Founders Award Fund, in the amount of $6,000

Universal Headline News

Van Helsing Scares Up $65 Million in Home Ent. Debut

Universal Studios Home Ent. announced that VAN HELSING scared up sales of more than four million combined DVD and VHS units in the first six days of release for a total consumer spree of $65 million.

USHE is poised for a record-breaking fourth quarter with a release schedule representing 36% of the domestic box office of all feature titles being released during that period.

Award Headline News

PROMAX&BDA Honors Best In Home Entertainment

PROMAX&BDA has announced the 2004 PROMAX&BDA Home Entertainment Award winners, honoring the best work and creative skills of marketing professionals in the home entertainment sector.

"PROMAX&BDA is pleased to honor these executives for their stellar efforts and creative vision in marketing Home Entertainment, one of the largest segments in the entertainment industry," said Jim Chabin, ceo of PROMAX&BDA. "Each year, we take great pride in recognizing the best marketing, promotion and creative experts that continue to steer Home Entertainment to new heights."

Headline News

Scribes Stalked for Hunter Script

Director Uwe Boll and producer Shawn Williamson have hired screenwriters David Schneider and Drew Daywalt (STARK RAVING MAD) to write a feature adaptation of Vivendi Universals videogame, HUNTER: THE RECKONING, reports VARIETY. The story follows a group of men and women who are given supernatural to combat monsters. Pre-production is scheduled to start in February in British Columbia. Boll is not new to bringing videogames to the screen with adaptations of HOUSE OF THE DEAD, ALONE IN THE DARK and BLOODRAYNE, which just finished production.

Film Headline News

Silent Hill Coming to Theaters Via Pulp Fiction Scribe

PULP FICTION scribe Roger Avary is writing a bigscreen adaptation of the Konami videogame franchise SILENT HILL, reports VARIETY. Samuel Hadida (RESIDENT EVIL) is producing and financing the film through his Davis Film Prods. BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF helmer Christophe Gans will direct the film. Focus Features will handle sales oversees with Hadida's Metropolitan Film handling the French rights. North American rights are still available. The game follows the story of a mother and daughter who seek to discover the secrets of a seemingly abandoned town. A March production start is planned.

Imax Headline News

Spider-Man 2 A Big Draw for IMAX in India

India's two commercially operated IMAX theaters reported the highest grossing screens in the country for SPIDER-MAN 2. The film was converted using IMAX DMR (Digital Re- Mastering) technology and released in India at the same time as the conventional 35mm version. In the 10 weeks since its release, nearly 130,000 people have visited the PRASADS IMAX Theatre in Hyderabad and the Adlabs IMAX Theatre in Mumbai to experience SPIDER-MAN 2 in IMAX's format.

Animation Headline News

Digital Musings From the Editor:

Ellen Wolff recently spoke with Sony Imageworks president Tim Sarnoff about his three-pronged approach to 3D: photoreal vfx, CG animation and the new performance capture hybrid introduced in POLAR EXPRESS, ImageMotion. The unifying 3D thread at Sony that binds all three businesses together, according to Sarnoff, is character animation. And the secret of Sonys success? The fact that all three businesses work together in a flexible balance?

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Singer Officially Names His Superman

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 12:00am

The long search is finally over for the next Superman. Latino Review originally broke the news over the weekend and VARIETY confirmed that director Brian Singer has chosen relative unknown Brandon Routh to don the red cape. A contract has not been signed, but production hopes to start shooting in Australia in November. Routh has had roles on television series ONE LIFE TO LIVE, GILMORE GIRLS, WILL & GRACE and COLD CASE. He will make his film debut in the forthcoming thriller DEADLY.

Headline News

MPC Virtually Recreates Famous Faces From WWII

Tiger Aspects documentary for the Discovery Channel, VIRTUAL HISTORY: THE SECRET PLOT TO KILL HITLER, airing Oct. 24 at 8:00 pm throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, adopted cutting edge CGI from The Moving Picture Co. (MPC) to transform the faces of actors into exact replicas of Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Josef Stalin. The program unfolds on the momentous day of July 20, 1944.

Headline News

Massive Joins Forces with PSYOP

The New York vfx scene has just got more competitive with the formation of Massive Industries, a division of creative design collective PSYOP that is co-founded by former Method Studios vfx artist Chris Staves and exec producer Justin Lane. Massive brings to New York expertise for ultra-progressive vfx along with high-end design.

Channel Headline News

Sci Fi Developing Miniseries Inspired by Oz

Sci Fi Channel has partnered with exec producers Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle (MEDICAL INVESTIGATION, THE PRETENDER) to develop TIN MAN, a four-hour miniseries that puts a sci-fi twist on the fantasy classic, WIZARD OD OZ. Mitchell and Van Sickle have also co-written the screenplay.

Film Headline News

ILM Shows Off VFX Magic for Van Helsing DVD

Industrial Light & Magic recently opened its MoCap studio in San Rafael, California, to give journalists a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of VAN HELSING, which arrives on DVD Oct. 19, 2004.

Story Headline News

Young Merlin Optioned for the Big Screen

UWPictures/O-Group, Ltd. and Three Kings Ent. have optioned YOUNG MERLIN, written by Robert Kahn. The coming-of-age story of Merlin, envisioned as the first chapter in a three-part franchise, is a live-action feature combined with CG. Purchase price for the film, budgeted at $25 million, was mid-six figures. The project will shoot in the U.K. at the end of the year.