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Resnick On Voice Over

Todd Resnick is a Casting Director (Mattel, Blizzard, Marvel, Simon and Shuster and many other storied franchises) and head of Resnick Interactive Group, a full service voice over casting company.

“Professional networker, student of life, and student of myself. I've been told, ‘holding me back is like holding a horse back.’ My romance with audio production goes back to my deep roots here in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in Santa Monica, my passion for sound was sparked as a young boy while at a concert with my father; the engineers were amazing to watch while seeing Guns and Roses live. I was instantly passionate about anything with knobs, buttons, or lights... and the personalities of each. Locating the source and determining the destination became normal to me...and continues in everything that I do today. With fifteen years in the music production and video game development industries, I've been a Business Owner, Pioneer, Teacher, Producer, Engineer, Casting Director and inspirational Team Leader with some of today's well known networks, publishers, voice and musical artists, and students. Relationships spanning the globe feature a meticulously tailored resource network of worldly professionals and marquee content providers. I'm literally the sum total of everyone I have ever met.”

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