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More from Bloomfield, New Jersey and the Incubator Studio with MIMI AND GACK and the Day to Day Grind

Life on the road can be challenging! As the Studio headed into the its last week a familiar cadence ensued. It began with me awakening each morning at 5:30 am


It takes tons of Images to Develop An Animated Film During Pre-production - Here is a Sampling

As with all animated films, tons of images are created during the pre-production process. Color keys, layouts (the camera angles for the eventual backgrounds or environments, animation tests, etc. Here is a smattering of the images created for MIMI AND GACK. PRODUCTION HASN'T EVEN BEGUN YET! Just to give you an idea, PETE'S ODYSSEY, a 6 minute film - generated over 6,000 drawings!


'Mimi And Gack', A Production Diary Of War, Peace- Love, Hate And Sects

Lately, with all the comings and goings, I have still managed to stay on track with my next film MIMI AND GACK . The ruff boards were finished three weeks ago – and I made the decision to create more finished boards that would be easier for colleagues to follow


The Beaufort International Film Festival is a Smashing Success and Pete’s Odyssey Wins Best Animation

As mentioned previously, the BIFF screening schedule is not for the faint of heart. There are Beaufortonians that have seen EVERY film at all four BIFF festivals since its inception. This year over 4000 people watched the films and attended the Festival’s events.


As I sat at the abyss of the cyberland, I received the bad news. My computer’s hard drive was corrupted.

 Now after a week later and a brand new Gateway, I am back from the abyss. Buoyed by 4 gigs of memory and a 500 gig hard drive I am almost to my pre-crash status. Miss my itunes!

I lost a week’s work and I had hoped to catch up on my blog and my Winter Wonderland Tour.

The Tour picked up at Bloomfield College in where else Bloomfield, New Jersey.  It was like coming home.

I taught an animation master class to a group of enthusiastic students. We covered dynamic posing, line of action, thumbnails, center of gravity, balance/counter balance and weight. It lasted three hours and we had a fun time exploring some of animations fundamentals.

Next up …the first ever Savannah International Film Festival…