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The Animation Pimp

In the spirit of Hunter Thompson, Nick Tosches and Richard Meltzer, The Animation Pimp is an outrageous, funny and ultimately truthful account of the chaos and glimmers of illumination in an art form and a life.

"Writers who don't, so to speak, pull off their britches when they write don't write anything worth reading. It is good, in a pathetic sort of way, that writers do, so to speak, pull off their britches when they write. Otherwise, there would be far too much to read, and life is far too short.

But Chris Robinson's writing should be read. His honesty, what he has to say, and how he says it are enthralling. This is the real thing by a real writer.

It's uncanny, very uncanny, that if you're looking for writing about animation, you'll find it here, and if, like me, you're not, you won't. I don't quite know hot this can be, but it is."

Nick Tosches

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Chew On This

Chew On This is an almost daily round-up of animation films, news, ideas, rumors, gossip, humor served with astonishing, unique and raw insight from Chris Robinson, the world's greatest one balled animation writer and thinker. Chris is an author, writer and the artistic director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) and is a well-known figure in the animated film world. His style is lively and direct. He is quick to speak out vigorously on various platforms and is famous for his outbursts and aversion to empty rhetoric. Robinson authors a column entitled The Animation Pimp on Animation World Magazine's website. He has one testicle.