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'Inspired 3D Short Film Production': Case Study 1: 'Virgil and Maurice' — Part 1

In the first of a two-part series from the Inspired 3D Short Film Production book, Jeremy Cantor and Pepe Valencia ask student filmmaker Morgan Kelly to explain step-by-step how he made a short film at CalArts.

Story VFXWorld

'Inspired 3D Short Film Production': Storyboarding — Part 2

Taylor Jessen reviews five short films: Gopher Broke by Jeff Fowler, In the Rough by Paul Taylor, Suite for Freedom by Aleksandra Korejwo, Caroline Leaf and Luc Perez, Oedipus by Jason Wishnow and A Bucks Worth by Tatia Rosenthal. Includes QuickTime movie clips!


Pitching Animation: Rules of the Game from the Pros That Play It

By Jan Nagel | Tuesday, December 21, 2004 at 12:00am

Pitching television animation, like any game, has its rules. Some are hard and fast and others are house or table rules. You know those rules that are specific to a region, country or culture. And the game has its players and pros. Animation World Magazine asked the pros about pitching.

Pitching professionals know that there are some basic rules. Tatiana Kober, founder of Bejuba! Entertainment, and Rick Mischel, ceo of Mainframe Entertainment, Inc., provided the basics:


'Inspired 3D Short Film Production': -- Visual Elements of Effective Character Design -- Part 5

Wrapping up the character design section from Inspired 3D Short Film Production, Jeremy Cantor and Pepe Valencia get into the feelings of the characters and how that effects design decisions.