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Category: Television

Headline News

Disney’s Barbarian Braves the Airwaves

One of the first new animated shows out the gate in the new year is DISNEY'S DAVE THE BARBARIAN, which premiered Jan. 23, 2004 with a five-episode mini-marathon at 5:30 pm on the Disney Channel. Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, the series airs regularly on weekends with episodic premieres on Fridays.

Series Headline News

Koontz, Scorsese Team for Frankenstein TV Series

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, January 21, 2004 at 12:00am

USA Network has ordered production to begin on a new TV series, DEAN KOONTZ'S FRANKENSTEIN. Best-selling author Koontz will write the series and exec produce along with legendary film director Martin Scorsese and Flame Television's Tony Krantz. THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake director Marcus Nispel will helm the project.

Animated Headline News

NATPE News: face2face animation Smiles on NATPE

face2face animation will showcase its latest animated content, including recent work for Conan O'Brien as well as new children's animated characters, at NATPE 2004. New properties include SCRATCH TRIGGER ERROR, a first-person animated series pilot, as well as two new pilots that use face2face's proprietary "ghetto anime" style, which renders 3D images in a 2D approach.

Live-action Headline News

NATPE News: Eat Your Lunch Busts Loose Bzots

Eat Your Lunch is bringing is new live-action and animated musical series for the 8 and under crowd, titled BZOTS, to NATPE at Booth 1569. The company will have the first two episodes and the first CD on hand at the conference.

Series Headline News

Gundam Seed & Detective Conan Come to Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is set to air anime series GUNDAM SEED and DETECTIVE CONAN, beginning in April.

The latest GUNDAM anime series will air on its weekend Action Block. GUNDAM SEED's appearance on the Cartoon Network will roughly coincide with the release of the first volume of the GUNDAM SEED manga from Del Rey on April 30. The series was a huge hit in Japan, where it brought the GUNDAM franchise back to the top of the TV ratings and stimulated tie-in merchandise sales. Rights holder Bandai America plans a huge new line-up of GUNDAM toys to roll out in 2004 as well.

Entertainment Headline News

NATPE News: EMC Brings Book Properties to NATPE

David Wollos, partner of Entertainment Media Consultants will be on hand at NATPE representing a number of properties, including the animation catalog for TeleImages in France.


Headlining the properties represented, are a number of popular childrens/young adult books including:

Film Headline News

DPS Film Roman Goes For Cracked Humor

DPS Film Roman announced today that it has joined forces with CRACKED MAGAZINE to create television and DVD productions featuring the best gags, humor and characters from the 45-year history of the publication (ala MAD TV and MAD MAGAZINE). Licensing and merchandising rights have also been optioned, with DPS Film Roman looking to create T-shirts, novelties and possibly a game in the near future.

Ratings Headline News

Adult Swim New Year's Eve Bash Triples Previous Year's Ratings

Starting the new year off with a big bang, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim annual New Year's Eve Bash (Wednesday, 11:00 pm 2:00 am) out-scored last year's time period by double and triple digits, according to Nielsen Media Research. The Sunday-Thursday night Adult Swim telecasts also continued to climb in delivery and ratings for targeted young adults.

Highlights of Adult Swim's performance vs. the same time period last year include the following:Adult Swim New Year's Eve Bash* Adults 18-24 delivery (171,000) increased by 34% and ratings (0.6) by 20%.

Channel Headline News

Manga Ent. Announces Licensing Deal with Starz

Manga Entertainment Inc. has signed an agreement with Starz for 13 of Manga's Anime films. The films will be featured on Starz's non-stop X-citement ACTION channel. The titles include GHOST IN THE SHELL, PATLABOR 1, PATLABOR 2, BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE, PERFECT BLUE, STREET FIGHTER IIV, BLACK MAGIC M-66, MACROSS II: LOVERS AGAIN, MACROSS PLUS, NEW DOMINION TANK POLICE, SHADOW SKILL and X.

Disney Headline News

NATPE News: Disney Hopes TV Buyers Have Barbarian Tastes

Buena Vista International Television has an original new animated show to sell at NATPE 2004, DISNEYS DAVE THE BARBARIAN, which debuts at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 23, 2004 on the Disney Channel. Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, the 21x30 comedy series was created by Doug Langdale.

International Headline News

NATPE News: 15 TV France International Companies Turn Out For NATPE 2004

Reassured that major American studios are back at NATPE, TV France International (TVFI) will be at the market with 15 French production and distribution companies, including 21 foreign sales executives.

Series Headline News

NATPE News: Grace Animation Prays Buyers Go Ape For AAoA

Grace Animation Studios ceo Christopher Turner is assembling a production team to produce 26 new animated half-hour series of the THE AVENGING APES OF AFRICA (AAoA) for worldwide distribution. Grace will be showing a promo and first episode of the series at NATPE.

THE AVENGING APES OF AFRICA is an exciting action/adventure series for kids 6-12, where five transmuted ape brothers, and their exploration friends span the globe protecting and defending all animals of the world from the dreaded Mr. Harry B. Richborne and his worldwide band of pitiless poachers.

Digital Headline News

NATPE News: GDC Brings Moebius Strip Feature & Panda Series To Vegas

GDC Entertainment Ltd. will be showcasing, at booth 1271, its recently completed CGI feature, THRU THE MOEBIUS STRIP, funded and produced entirely in China.

Exec producer and ceo of GDC (Global Digital Creations) Raymond Neoh will be on hand to take attendees from the MOEBIUS concept he optioned from renowned illustrator Jean Moebius Giraud only a few years ago through the production steps at GDC's IDMT studio in Shenzhen. The 74-minute movie is also being developed as a TV series.

Film Headline News

NATPE News: Valcom Offers New 3D Zoo Revue

ValCom Inc. is presenting the 3D animation series, NEW ZOO REVUE at NATPE 2004 at booth 473. The original people-in-suits series debuted in syndication in the U.S. in 1971 and reached more than 100 million viewers.

Vince Vellardita and Barbara Atlas are co-exec producing the project with Dotan Koskas serving as animation producer and co-producton partner O Atlas Enterprises. The musical show follows the adventures of Charlie the Owl, Henrietta Hippo, Freddie the Frog, Freeda the Frog and humans like Mr Dingle, Doug and Emmy-Jo.

Headline News

Astro Boy and Static Shock Back With New Adventures On Kids’ WB!

ASTRO BOY has zoomed back into action in the U.S. on Kids WB! with 25 all new anime adventures that debuted Jan. 17, 2004 at 8:30 am ET and 7:30 am PT. The day also marked the fourth season of STATIC SHOCK (11:30 am ET and 10:30 am PT) with 13 new episodes. STATIC SHOCK is also part of the weekday lineup, airing in its new 3:30 pm slot.

Licensing Headline News

NATPE News: Davey and Goliath Go to Sin City

As part of a new marketing agreement with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), DandG Licensing, LLC will be bringing the DAVEY AND GOLIATH series to NATPE in Las Vegas at booth 1128. Mark Bannon founded DandG Licensing exclusively for work on DAVEY AND GOLIATH.

Series Headline News

NATPE News: DIC Sends Shortcake, Sabrina & Stan Lee's Super 7 to NATPE

DIC Entertainment (DIC) will be bringing four new STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE specials, two SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH series and a sneak peek at the new TV series STAN LEE'S SUPER 7 to NATPE at booth 1246.

Animation Headline News

NATPE News: Cybergraphix & Animation Bridge Bring New Co-Production to NATPE

Cybergraphix Animation recently announced its co-production agreement with Mumbai-based Animation Bridge and Padmalaya Telefilms for 26 half-hours of its action-adventure series GUARDIANS OF LUNA, which it will be bringing to NATPE.

Animation Headline News

NATPE News: NFB Brings Original Canadian Animation

The National Film Board of Canada will be at NATPE this year with NOËL NOËL, an animated Christmas special narrated by Leslie Nielsen, that revives the great tradition of children's fairy tales.

The title character in this whimsical half-hour is a misguided billionaire, who falls in love with Beatrice, a bespectacled fairy who prefers words of love to rivers of diamonds. Thanks to little Zoey, her dog Snooze and a blue-eyed reindeer, Noel Noël finally realizes that money doesn't bring happiness, and that to be happy, you have to listen to your heart.

Series Headline News

NATPE News: Playhut Debuts At NATPE 2004 With Signz Of New Animation

In its debut as a NATPE exhibitor, Playhut Entertainment, the entertainment and programming subsidiary of toy manufacturer Playhut Inc., will introduce buyers to Chinamation, five new series featuring the distinctive artistic style of China's top independent animators and premiere the pilot episode of its first animated pre-school series, LITTLE SIGNZ.

Playhuts branded Chinamation properties are DECHENG, WAY OF THE WARRIORS, LITTLE MONK, MIGHTY BUNCH and BIRD ISLAND.

Headline News

NATPE News: SPTI’s Astro Boy Premieres In U.S. NATPE Weekend

Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) big animated series, ASTRO BOY, premieres on the Kids WB! in the U.S. Jan. 17, 2004, the day before the NATPE exhibit floor opens. ASTRO BOY and CYBORG 009 are amongst a diverse slate from SPTI, which includes STEPHEN KING'S KINGDOM HOSPITAL, JOAN OF ARCADIA, MISSING and THE RESIDENTS, MACHOS and POOR ANASTASIA. SPTI will be located off the floor in the Venetian Hotel, Casanova Room 504.