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Headline News

Fox Kids Germany Consumes Consumer Operations

Fox Kids Europe will move its German consumer products operations from Cologne to Munich to consolidate its entire channel and related business activities. Markus Pottgeisser, managing director, Saban Consumer Products Germany, departs and all operations will be overseen by Christophe Erbes, MD of Fox Kids Germany. Ian Downes, MD of Saban Consumer Products Europe, said, "We are expecting a strong year in 2003 from POWER RANGERS and WHAT'S WITH ANDY, due to improve scheduling on Super RTL. We are also working closely with Bandai on an integrated marketing campaign."

Entertainment Headline News

CCI & Collingwood O'Hare Form Cross-Atlantic Alliance

Toronto-based Cambium Catalyst International Entertainment (CCI) has partnered with U.K. animation studio, Collingwood OHare Entertainment (COE), to co-produce the animated series HARRY AND HIS BUCKETFUL OF DINOSAURS. Based on the successful book of the same name, the animated pre-school series explores the vivid imagination of a child and his dinosaur companions. Production is set for fall 2003 in the U.K. and Canada. CCI Releasing will hold worldwide distribution rights.

Future Headline News

FOX BOX Taps Universal For Future Series

In one of its few buys of an American animation series, 4Kids Entertainment's FOX BOX has added BACK TO THE FUTURE from Universal Cartoon Studios to its Saturday morning lineup, starting March 22, 2003 at 8:30 am. Based on the popular feature film trilogy, BACK TO THE FUTURE series debuted on 1991 on CBS, starring Christopher Lloyd in live-action wrap-arounds featuring scientific demonstrations by Bill Nye, the host of BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY. In the animated segments, Doc Brown was voiced by Dan Castellaneta, best known as the voice of Homer Simpson.

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Say Hola To ¡Sorpresa! Channel for Hispanic Kids

Firestone Communications will launch the first digital 24-hour Hispanic kids service in the U.S., ¡Sopresa,! on March 15, 2003 to be carried on three cable platforms on 350 systems reaching approximately 400,000 subscribers. Spanish-language programming acquired from Spain, Latin American and the U.S. aims to reach a broad kids audience. Mornings and afternoons are targeted at pre-school and younger children with animation, pre-school series, variety, documentaries and special events.

Headline News

South Park Boys Hit 100 Episodes; Norman Lear To Collaborate On New Season

SOUTH PARK returns with more action, more social satire, more life lessons, as well as pointers from legendary television producer Norman Lear as the seventh season of the series created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker begins Wednesday, March 19 at 10:00 pm on Comedy Central. Lear will collaborate with the SOUTH PARK creators who said they are thrilled to be working with one of their idols. "Norman is a genius," said Parker in a release.

Entertainment Headline News

Silverwing Takes Flight to MIP-TV

Bardel Entertainment will be unveiling its new animated action series SILVERWING at MIP-TV. Based on the first novel in a trilogy by Ken Oppel, it follows the coming-of-age tale of Shade, who is in search for his father. The book is selling well in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Denmark, Australia, Holland and will soon be available in Italy. Negotiations are underway for the trilogy to be re-released to coincide with the launch of the television series in fall 2003 on TELETOON in Canada.

Headline News

Turner Broadcasting Realigns Its Entertainment, News and Cartoon Businesses

Shortly after Turner Broadcasting head Jamie Kellner resigned, newly appointed TBS chairman/CEO Philip I. Kent announced March 11, 2003 AOL Time Warner is restructuring the Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.'s network businesses to create three broader, integrated operating units Cartoon, Entertainment and News - with direct oversight for their respective programming, marketing, advertising sales and other business functions. Key executives have been reassigned immediately to new management positions.

Headline News

Egmont Product & President Palmed Off To Telescreen

Restructuring continues at Egmont Imagination as its president Tom van Waveren follows the company's programming catalog to Telescreen. The Egmont Group sold the media exploitation rights, outside of the Nordic territories, to Palm Plus Multimedia BV, which in turn has handed over the rights to its subsidiary Telescreen, a stable animation player for the past 20 years. The extended Telescreen catalog will now include properties such as LIZZIE MCGUIRE, PAZ, THE FAIRYTALER, HAMILTON MATTRESS, REX THE RUNT, TRACY MCBEAN, SKIPPER & SKEETO and UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS BEAR.

Animated Headline News

UPN Buys CG Animated Pilot for Primetime

The UPN network has bought its first CG animated primetime pilot, MEET THE BREAKNECKS, exec produced by Carsey-Werner-Mandabach in Los Angeles and animated by DKP Effects in Toronto, Canada. It's an original concept created by David Sacks, David Goetsch, Jason Venokuris and Ross Venokur about a suburban family that are actually video game characters dealing with its unique everyday problems.

Interactive Headline News

Kids BBC Nuts For Interactive Nelly

Broadcaster CBBC in England debuted NELLY NUT on Monday, March 3, 2003, the children's channel's first totally live interactive animated on-screen character, which hosts a weekday 7-9:00 am breakfast show. Nelly Nut is a nine-year-old bundle of energy, smart, sassy and strong-minded who never leaves her trusty teddy bear friend, Miss Bunny, far behind.

Series Headline News

Showtime Is All For New Comic-Based Animated Series

Brett Merhar's cult comic strip FREE FOR ALL will be brought to life in a new animated series by Showtime Networks, in association with independent animation studio Film Roman to debut in summer 2003 in the U.S. The series of seven episodes follows Johnny and Clay, the strip's cynical, dysfunctional bestfriends, struggling with out-of the ordinary daily woes with Clay's sidekick, Angus, a strung-out ferret.

Series Headline News

Sony Launches New Astro Boy Series At MIP-TV

Anime fans should rejoice that ASTRO BOY will be getting a new animated series from Sony Pictures Television based on the original 50-year-old series from Manga master, Osamu Tezuka. Aimed at kids 6-11, Sony Picture Television International sales execs will launch the new ASTRO BOY at MIP-TV this month. The show continues Tezuka's comics-to-TV tale of a scientist who builds a robot boy after the death of his own son.

Headline News

Big Broadcasters Adopt Newcomer's The Koala Brothers

The Disney Channel U.S. is the latest in a raft of major broadcasters to prebuy THE KOALA BROTHERS, the first project from a new production house, Spellbound Entertainment. London-based Spellbound was launched in 2002 by the ex-HIT executive, Peter Curtis and ex-Endemol executive, Nick Barrington. Produced by Famous Flying Films for Spellbound, the stop-frame model animation series follows the adventures of Frank and Buster, two koalas on a mission to help others in need in the Australian outback.

Series Headline News

Little Mouse Gets 2D Series On HBO

STUART LITTLE premieres on HBO Family in an all-new 2D animated series Saturday, March 1 at 8:00 am and replays at 1:30 the same day, as well as on the following Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sony Pictures Television and Red Wagon are producing the half-hour series of 13 episodes, based upon the book by E.B. White. The series features the adventures of the three-inch tall mouse (voiced by Hugh Laurie) who has been adopted by the Little family. Other characters featured in the series are Stuart's brother George; Mr. and Mrs.

Series Headline News

Soup2Nuts' Hey Monie Pays First Visit To Black Network

HEY MONIE will reach a new audience as the series produced by Soup2Nuts debuts as the first animated comedy on BET (Black Entertainment Television) Tuesday, March 4 at 8 pm. The first network animated series based on an African-American woman and her friends started as a short on Oxygen's X-CHROMOSOME. Oxygen has been airing it as a series of shorts and has partnered up with BET and Soup2Nuts to turn it into a half-hour program. Oxygen will also be airing the shows in summer 2003.

Advertising Headline News

Turtles May Win The Advertising Race For FOX BOX

The strategy for FOX BOX during the busy network upfront ad selling season is to make customized presentations for clients and advertising agencies instead of doing a mass meeting according to Daniel Barnathan, EVP of sales, marketing and promotion. AWN caught up with the marketing veteran in Los Angeles. Based in the FOX BOX/4Kids headquarters in New York City, Barnathan will be on the road through May, selling space for the programming block his company airs on the Fox TV network on Saturday mornings in the U.S.

Kids Headline News

Kids' WB! Adds Three To 2003-2004 Season & Restructures Sales

Kids' WB! will add three new animated series to its Saturday morning and weekday slates with shows to roll out throughout the year, starting in summer 2003. The network will be sharing more series with sister cablecaster Cartoon Network and is combining the ad sales units of each it was announced Tuesday, February 25, 20003, at the joint Kids' WB! and Cartoon Network upfront sales presentations in New York City.

Headline News

Iron Giant Rivets Robot/Anime Week

On February 24, 2003 Cartoon Network kicks off a week of some of the best action/anime series starring giant fighting machines in TOONAMI'S first Giant Robot Week, culminating with a special presentation of the acclaimed animated feature THE IRON GIANT on Friday, February 28, 2003, at 8:00 pm ET/PT. DAI-GUARD and NADESICO, which have never aired on U.S. television, are part of the anime series featured Monday, Feb. 24 Friday, Feb. 28 from 4-5:00 pm ET/PT each day.

Wars Headline News

Catch The Star Wars Force in Shorts

Animation chat rooms are buzzing with the news that Cartoon Network has partnered with Lucasfilm Ltd. to create STAR WARS: CLONE WARS, an interstitial series of 20 animated shorts that will begin airing this fall and continue into 2004. This was part of an overall announcement Cartoon Network made when it unveiled its new 2003 programming slate February 20, 2003.

Headline News

Funky Cops Arrests U.S. Slot

FUNKY COPS by AnteFilms, is the latest in a growing roster of French-made animated series to be broadcast on a U.S. network. 4Kids Entertainment acquired the 26x30 series to air in the FOX BOX Saturday morning kids block. FUNKY COPS features a pair of cops who turn into disco stars in '70s San Francisco. The show was created by brothers Christophe and Benoit Di Sabatino. It is produced in AnteFilms' digital studios based in Levallois and Angouleme.

Series Headline News

Cartoon Network Greenlights 400 Half-Hours & 3 New Series For 2003

The upfront season has started with Cartoon Network first out of the toon gate as it unveiled its substantial new programming slate for 2003 in New York City. All the networks are embarking upon the annual dog and pony show (upfronts) to attract potential advertisers and sponsors to support their season slates. Highlights include three new series, 20 shorts with Lucasfilm Ltd. and new episodes of returning series that will provide more than 400 new half-hours of programming.

Media Headline News

Film Roman Gets On Animated Dick Tracy Case

Vintage comic strip hero Dick Tracy is being adapted as a new animated series by Film Roman, which signed a development deal with Classic Media. This announcement follows on the heels of former AOL Time Warner exec Robert Friedman's appointment as president of Classic Media (AF February 18, 2003). Friedman said his mandate was to take his company's comic characters into the television and film mediums.

Series Headline News


This Summer Kids' WB! has added a new anime series, MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR, to air in the U.S. Saturday mornings this summer 2003. Currently airing in Japan on TV Tokyo since March 2002, MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR is a top-rated animated television series produced by ShoPro Entertainment. "We are excited to be working once again with the creative team that helped bring POKÉMON to Kids' WB!," said John Hardman, SVP at Kids' WB! "The newest incarnation of this beloved and time-proven character is sure to captivate kids and delight audiences everywhere.

Headline News

Noodlesoup Show Ventures Out On Cartoon Network.

THE VENTURE BROS., a new animated special from Noodlesoup Productions, premieres Sunday, February 16 at 11:30 pm on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. It's a spoof of the old-fashioned JONNY QUEST cartoons from the mid-sixties, as well as THE HARDY BOYS and TOM SWIFT boys' adventure novels of the past. With elements of spy and science fiction, the Venture brothers -- Hank and Dean Venture -- travel with their father, renowned scientist Doctor Venture, to New York for the unveiling of a fantastic new invention at the United Nations.

Headline News

Bart Simpson Chalks Up 300th Episode

Watch Bart Simpson scrawl his 300th "I will not" lesson at his school chalkboard this Sunday, February 16, 2003 at 8:00 pm on FOX as THE SIMPSONS will air its historic 300th episode during a special 90-minute presentation. "Barting Over" shows Bart splitting from the family when he discovers Homer spent money Bart unknowingly earned to pay off a blackmailer to get back photos of Homer dangling Bart as a baby over the railing of a hotel balcony.