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Headline News

Dargaud Finds Childhood Stories Popular in Europe

Dargaud Distribution, the sales arm of leading French producer Dargaud Marina, has signed a raft of sales for CHILDHOOD STORIES, eight animated television specials based upon popular childrens books. Broadcasters on board include Italys RAI 3, Teletoon in France, Spains TV3 and NRK Norway for this unique collection of films while Dargaud Distrib. is targeting further international sales at MIPCOM.

Headline News

Ren & Stimpy Returns to Spike, Immigrants Postponed

Spike TV will bring back REN & STIMPY ADULT PARTY CARTOON on Aug. 20, 2004, but fans will have to wait for later in the year to catch new episodes. No date has been set for the second season of John Kricfalusis demented masterpiece. Fans who cant wait to catch glimpses of the new season should check out

Studio Headline News

Studio B Lands Pet Robot Series for Ontario TV

Studio B has landed a stellar deal to develop and deliver 52 11-minute episodes of MY PET ROBOT in conjunction with TV Ontario for broadcast in fall 2005.

Targeted for kids 5-8, MY PET ROBOT follows the comic adventures of two seemingly mismatched buddies: Casey, a cautious boy and Weeble, a wildly inventive robot who reacts first, and asks questions later. The series was created and developed by Studio B and the characters were designed by James Farr.

Studios Headline News

First Family Goes With Platinum on TV, DVD

Comic book entertainment company Platinum Studios will team up with First Family to produce the Platinum Studios graphic novels MEET THE HAUNTEDS and SPACED for half-hour television series and direct-to-DVD premiere movies.

First Family head Dean Valentine, the former president of UPN and of Walt Disney Television, Touchstone Television and Walt Disney TV Animation (the only Disney exec to ever supervise all three divisions), will exec produce both projects along with Platinum chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and First Family exec Scott Imergut.

Series Headline News

Witchblade to Go Anime

Top Cow has licensed the TV rights to comic WITCHBLADE to Japanese studio Gonzo Digimation (BURST ANGEL). The 26-episode series will not chronicle American hero Sara Pezzini, who gains superhuman powers from the mythical witchblade, but instead will star a Japanese policewoman who finds the ancient weapon. The Japanese series will be geared for more of an adult audience than it has been in the States.

Brand Headline News

Canine Christmas Special Sold to Int’l Disney Channels

THE NINE DOG CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, produced by Earthworks Entertainment, will have its Christmas 2004 premiere on the Disney Channels in Germany, Italy and in all of Asia, with further international TV deals expected shortly and a deal for the U.S. market is in the works.

NINE DOG CHRISTMAS stars nine extraordinary stray dogs who overcome tremendous odds to help Santa bring the spirit of Christmas to children all over the world when the reindeer flu threatens to ground Santa's sleigh. James Earl Jones narrates the family musical adventure story.

Series Headline News

VGI Dogs Fred Basset Animated Series

Fred Basset, star of the famous comic strip by Alex Graham syndicated in 20 countries will star in his very own television series to be produced and distributed worldwide by VGI Entertainment Ltd.

VGI, an independent U.K. producer, distributor and licensor of childrens programming, said it is delighted to be involved in such a landmark project and will be working in close consultation with Arran, Grahams daughter who continues to be very much involved with the daily comic strip.

Friends Headline News

McCracken’s Imaginary Friends Premieres Aug. 13

Dont be expecting a POWERPUFF GIRLS knockoff if you tune into Craig McCrackens latest 2D creation, FOSTERS HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS, which debuts Aug. 13, 2004 at 7:30 pm on Cartoon Network with a 90-minute feature. Witty observations on present-day life, relationships and trends are woven in with a wild/colorful assortment of oddball characters in this mostly adult comedy.

Series Headline News

TELETOON Unveils 2004 Fall Lineup

TELETOON's 2004 fall lineup schedule features 12 new animated series including six TELETOON original productions and six acquired series. Ten series return with new episodes including two TELETOON original productions and eight acquired series. In addition, TELETOON will have five world television premieres and five Canadian television premieres. TELETOON is Canada's first and only animation station with shows for all ages.

Series Headline News

Adult Swim Experiments with The Venture Brothers

Venture to have your sides hurt from laughing in Cartoon Networks new late night offering for its Adult Swim block, THE VENTURE BROTHERS. Back by popular demand since the pilot aired Feb. 16, 2004. The series, created by Jackson Publick III and produced by Noodlesoup Prods. in New York City, premiered as a series Aug. 7 and now has its own weekly timeslot on Saturdays at 11:00 pm.

Television Headline News

Cartoon Net Gets Into Toddler Biz

Look out PBS, Nick Jr. and Playhouse Disney, Cartoon Network and the Warner Bros. Television Group are putting together a new weekday morning franchise of original and acquired television targeted for preschoolers to premiere on Cartoon Network in spring 2005. The unnamed joint venture between WB and CN will mark both companies' first major production foray into the preschool market.

Headline News

FUNimation Acquires Grappler Baki & Gunslinger Girl

FUNimation Prods. has announced its acquisition of the GRAPPLER BAKI and GUNSLINGER GIRL anime TV series. The company has the rights to all 24 episodes of GRAPPLER BAKI, which aired in Japan in 2001. The sports series is based on the manga by Keisuke Itagaki, which is published by Akita Shoten in Japan. Produced by Madhouse in 2003, GUNSLINGER GIRL is a sci-fi action-adventure about a group of brainwashed girls, who have been trained to be professional assassins.

Series Headline News

Bandai Gains Planetes, Avenger & Shin Megami Tenshi Devi Children

Bandai Ent. has announced it has secured the rights to three new anime series PLANETES, AVENGER and SHIN MEGAMI TENSHI DEVI CHILDREN.

PLANETES is a 26-episode sci-fi series produced in 2003 by Bandai Visual and Sunrise. Set in the year 2075, the hero works on a space station sweeping up space debris and dreams of owning a space ship of his own.

AVENGER is a 13-episode series produced by Bee Train (NOIR). In a bleak future, mankind has been forced to live in deteriorating dome cities and animated "dolls" take the place of children.

Series Headline News

Justice League Unlimited Debuts July 31

Cartoon Network brings back the world's greatest superheroes in a brand new half-hour series entitled JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED, which premieres on July 3, 2004 at 8:30 pm. This new series, animated by Warner Bros. Animation, expands on the activities of the DC Comics characters, following the conclusion of JUSTICE LEAGUE, and brings forth many more characters to help fight crime and thwart threats to Earth.

Series Headline News

Quirky O’Grady Series for Teens Premieres July 30 on The N

The N, the nighttime network for tweens and teens, premiere OGRADY the networks first, original animated series at 9:00 pm on July 30, 2004. The new half-hour, 13-episode series will air regularly Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. and repeats at 11:00 p.m. only on The N.

Cartoon Headline News

Boondocks Heads for Cartoon Network

Aaron McGruder's THE BOONDOCKS comicstrip will be heading to Cartoon Network in animated form, reports THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Cartoon Network is in final negotiations with Sony Pictures Television to air a half-hour series. Originally the strip was greenlit as a pilot by FOX, which passed on the series after seeing a six-minute reel earlier in the year. Cartoon Network would air the new series during it popular Adult Swim block. McGruder and Reggie Hudlin are exec producers on the show.

Animation Headline News

W/M LLC Animation Gets Stroker and Hoop on Adult Swim

Wachtenheim/Marianetti LLC., current animators behind the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVES TV FUNHOUSE with Robert Smigel, is putting the finishing touches on a pilot, STROKER AND HOOP, set to premiere Aug. 1, 2004 at 11:30 pm during Cartoon Networks Adult Swim.

Anime Headline News

Anime Network Moves From VOD to Cable Channel

Anime Network moves from a strictly video-on-demand (VOD) format to a 24/7 national network beginning July 27, 2004, securing deals with major national advertisers in preparation for its launch, including interactive entertainment powerhouses Atari, Nintendo and Capcom.

Comedy Headline News

Comedy Central Animated Reality Series Hopes to Draw Audiences Oct. 27

Comedy Centrals DRAWN TOGETHER, television's first animated reality series, is set to premiere on Oct. 27, 2004, at 10:30 pm with the first of eight episodes.

DRAWN TOGETHER presents a world where cartoon characters from various genres of animation are brought together to live under one roof. The eight characters leave their animated "reality" and enter a new world where their cartoon universes collide, combining different styles of animation and different personalities all "drawn together."

Production Headline News

Aussie Fund to Bankroll Faireez

Australia's Film Finance Corp. has approved an investment in the animated series FAIREEZ as part of an overall injection of cash into two features, three miniseries and three children shows, reports VARIETY. FFC ceo Brian Rosen said the agency will invest A$18.5 million (US$13.5 million) in the television projects.

Headline News

Spike TV Restarts Ren & Stimpy, Stripperella

New Episodes of REN & STIMPY ADULT PARTY CARTOON and STRIPPERELLA will premiere Fridays starting Aug. 20, 2004 on Spike TV.

New episodes of REN & STIMPY ADULT PARTY CARTOON, from famed creator John Kricfalusi, will feature an endless supply of screams, grunts, contortions and other assorted, in-your-face absurdities of the that ornery asthma-hound Chihuahua, Ren and his trusting feline sidekick, Stimpy, airing midnight-12:30 am.

Effects Headline News

Icecandy Uses Useful Things for Sci Fi's Slipstream

Icecandy Ent. recently provided more than 20 vfx shots for Sci Fi Channel's upcoming feature, SLIPSTREAM, from Promark Ent. Working with director David van Eyssen, Icecandy developed on-screen graphics, composited effects and created the main title sequence for the time-travel based action drama using Profound Effects' Useful Things 1.6.

Series Headline News

BBC Delivers Early Postman Pat Renewal

The BBC has commissioned 26x15 more episodes of POSTMAN PAT from Entertainment Rights, prior to the show's debut on CBeebies and BBC2 later this year. This new commission brings the total amount of programming under license to the BBC to 78x15 episodes and 8x30 specials, ensuring POSTMAN PAT will run on the BBC into 2006 and beyond.