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Category: Television

Animation Headline News

G4 – Videogame TV Calls For Animation Shorts Submissions

G4 Videogame TV is on the hunt for edgy, offbeat and hilarious animation shorts to include in an all-new series set to debut this August. The series gives talented and up-and-coming animators a place to present their work and will showcase the worlds funniest, strangest and most irreverent short animation, targeted to the 18-34 male. Top picks will be licensed for broadcast on G4.

Wednesday Headline News

Tripping the Rift Returns to SCI FI Wednesday

New episodes of TRIPPING THE RIFT will begin July 27, 2005, as part of SCI FI Channels SCI FI Wednesday lineup. Airing at 10:00 pm, the season 2 premiere has the Jupiter 42 crew commandeering some valuable booty on a disabled space truck and sets a course for the all-gay planet Fabulous Heaven to unload their spoils. On Fabulous Heaven, much to the crew's surprise, heterosexual relations are punishable by death. When Chode and Six are caught in a compromising position, the planet's closeted heterosexual statesman, Governor McJersey, has the duo sentenced to a public execution.

Headline News

4Kids Ent. Fashions Bratz CGI Series for Fall TV Wardrobe

The BRATZ CGI animated television series, featuring the incredibly popular BRATZ characters from MGA Entertainment, will air this fall on 4Kids TV(TM), 4Kids Entertainment's Saturday morning children's programming block, beginning Sept. 10, 2005, on FOX.

BRATZ joins the 4Kids TV girls block, which includes the popular WINX CLUB and MEW MEW POWER. Japanese animated hit MAGICAL DOREMI also will join the girls block for girls 6-12 when the fourth season of 4Kids TV launches on September 10.

Kids Headline News

Time Warp Trio Transmits History Adventures Via Discovery Kids on NBC

TIME WARP TRIO combines humor and great stories to ignite kids interest in history in a new action-adventure animated series, which debuted on the Discovery Kids on NBC Saturday morning block on July 9, 2005. The show will air weekly at 10:30 am (ET)/8:30 am (PT) (check local listings), and also airs on the Discovery Kids Channel.

Cartoon Headline News

Camp Lazlo Debuts On Cartoon Network

Viewers may want to camp out in from of their TV sets this summer with Cartoon Networks new offering, CAMP LAZLO, a 30-minute animated comedy from creator Joe Murray, which premiered July 8, 2005 at 8:00 pm. The series chronicles the odd and happy camping life of colorfully crazy critters, featuring a Bean Scout named Lazlo and his bunkmates at Camp Kidney.

Animated Headline News

BKN Does King Kong Deals & Expands USA Activities

BKN International A.G. has signed a number of licensing deals with partners in the U.S. on KONG - THE ANIMATED SERIES AND the animated film, KONG - KING OF ATLANTIS, which is in line with BKN plans to significantly expand its U.S. activities over the next 12-18 months.

Disney ABC Cable Networks Group has licensed BKN's KONG - KING OF ATLANTIS film and KONG - THE ANIMATED SERIES properties. The series will premiere this fall on Jetix, the action/adventure programming block that airs during primetime on Toon Disney and mornings on ABC Family.

Series Headline News

CiTV Renews Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids

CiTV has recommissioned its hit series GRIZZLY TALES FOR GRUESOME KIDS from Honeycomb Animation and Elephant Productions.

The British Animation Award-winning series, narrated by Nigel Planer and based on the successful books by Jamie Rix, will return to TV in early 2006 with a new series producers claim, will scare even the naughtiest of children into submission.

Headline News

Ren & Stimpy Returns on Nicktoons

Nicktoons, Nickelodeons 24-hour animation network, announced that THE REN & STMIPY SHOW would return to kids television for the first time since 2002. Upholding their tradition of crude and rude misadventures from original creator, John Kricfalusi, THE REN & STIMPY SHOW will premiere on Nicktoons Network beginning August 2005.

Headline News

TELETOON Celebrates Canada Day & More in July

TELETOON pays tribute to Canada and its great Canadian series with a full day of Canadian produced programs on Canada Day, Friday, July 1 from 11:00 am 9:00 pm. The lineup includes:

MISS SPIDERS SUNNY PATCH FRIENDS Fly Away Friends/Bedtime Stories 1:30 pmIn Fly Away Friends Squirt feels left out when his two winged siblings, Shimmer and Dragon, have high-flying fun that a little spider cant join in.

Nickelodeon Headline News

Catscratch Comedy Series Comes to Nick

REN AND STIMPY has returned to the Nickelodeon airwaves and it now has a feline cousin in CATSCRATCH, a new series created by Doug TenNapel which resembles it remarkably in design, cartoony gags and character expressions. This is also not your typical kids fare and is appropriately scheduled in primetime, Fridays at 8:30 pm. The premiere episodes were broadcast back-to-back, 8-9:00 pm on July 9, 2005.

Animated Headline News

Futurikon and BRB Fire Up Dragon Hunters

BRB and leading French producer Futurikon are about to launch DRAGON HUNTERS in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. The series recounts the misfortunes of Lian Chi and Gwizdo, two dragon hunters who have to take on more than 50 of these legendary monsters in a fantasy medieval world set in the future.

Cartoon Headline News

Boomerang Flies with Original Fantastic Four Marathon

One week prior to the much anticipated premiere of the live-action feature film, Boomerang, Cartoon Network's exclusive 24-hour, commercial-free television home to classic cartoons, will present two primetime marathons of the original 1967 animated THE FANTASTIC FOUR, on Saturday, July 2 and Sunday, July 3, 8:00 pm 12 am (ET). This will be the first television tribute-spotlighting every episode from the original production without commercial interruption.

Sonic Headline News

YTV BBQs in July

Animated stars resident filmmaker Ian Kelly (BEING IAN), and the funny Frenchman in underpants, Yvon Ducharme (YVON OF THE YUKON) will be hosting two hours of their favorite episodes on Canada Day, Friday, July 1, 2005. With original animation created by Studio B Prods. in collaboration with YTVs On-Air Promotions department, these two characters host the BBQ blowout from Ian Kellys backyard Canada Day party, with all the barbecue fixings and even some fireworks.

Kids Headline News

Discovery Kids Kicks Off New Schedule July 4

Discovery Kids is kicking off Independence Day in the U.S. with a sparkling new schedule on July 4, 2005, when the READY SET LEARN! commercial- and sponsor-free programming block will become READY SET SUMMER! featuring a special summer lineup that devotes the entire block each day of the week to a single series.

Headline News

Animetrics 3D Facial Imaging Used in National Geographic Channel's Explorer

National Geographic Channel (NGC) selected Animetrics 3-Dimensional face imaging software to make the EXPLORER: "Search for Adam." (NGC's) signature series EXPLORER: Search for Adam premiered June 26 at 8:00 pm with a rebroadcast on June 29 at 2:00 pm and July 2 at 7:00 pm. It features renowned scientists as they follow the genetic DNA trail of mans ancestors in a quest to solve one of the greatest questions of all time was there actually an Adam, an ancient man that all men today are descended from?

Headline News

War Of The Worlds Graphic Novel in Development for TV

The WAR OF THE WORLDS graphic novel from Best Sellers Illustrated is in development for television by producer Richard G. Murphy.

"This is an entirely fresh take on WAR OF THE WORLDS, which focuses on how a diverse group of New Yorkers fights back against the Martians," said Murphy, whose credits include UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN and TIMECOP.

Motion Headline News

New Captain Scarlet Powered by Vicon MX40 Cameras

GERRY ANDERSONS NEW CAPTAIN SCARLET, the 3D-animated TV series currently airing in the U.K. and picked up for U.S. distribution by Sony Pictures Television, marks the first entertainment project completed with Vicons four-million pixel MX40 motion capture cameras.

Nick Headline News

Nick Orders 20 New Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends Episodes

Nickelodeon has ordered 20 new episodes of MISS SPIDER'S SUNNY PATCH FRIENDS, a 3D animated co-production from Nelvana/Absolute Pictures, which airs weekdays on Nick Jr. at 10:00 am. The series is based on the beloved book series by David Kirk (published by Callaway & Kirk).

"Miss Spider's message of friendship and kindness to fellow bugs is an important one for all of us ... bug or human!" said Brown Johnson, exec creative director, Nickelodeon Preschool Television. "It's great to be working with Nelvana and David Kirk on another season of this beautiful series."

Kids Headline News

Viewtiful Joe Comes To Kids’ WB! This Fall

Kids WB! has ordered 26 episodes of the anime/action/comedy series, VIEWTIFUL JOE, from Geneon Entertainment, which will air during the 2005-2006 broadcast season on Saturday mornings. VIEWTIFUL JOE is one of Japans hottest television series

Universal Headline News

Kong Teaser Debuts on TV June 27

NBC Universal will present an unprecedented motion picture preview as all nine of its networks simultaneously telecast the world premiere of the first trailer for Universal Pictures' KING KONG, on Monday, June 27, 2005, from 8:59:30-9:02 pm ET.

Circus Headline News

Disney Channel Presents Special Remarriage Episode of JoJo’s Circus

Issues about remarriage are sweetly addressed in a special primetime episode of Playhouse Disney's hit series for preschoolers, JOJO'S CIRCUS premiering June 20, 2005, at 7:30 pm on the Disney Channel. Erik Estrada is the voice of groom-to-be, Mr. Muscles, and sings an original song with lyrics written by Kathie Lee Gifford in this stop-motion episode A Circus Town Wedding.

Headline News

Disney Playhouse Adds More Captain Carlos & New Shane's Kindergarten Countdown

Two short-form series, the new SHANE'S KINDERGARTEN COUNTDOWN (a spinoff of the popular SHANNA'S SHOW) and new installments of ADVENTURES IN NUTRITION WITH CAPTAIN CARLOS, premiered June 20 during Playhouse Disney's new "Breakfast with Bear" hour on Disney Channel. The programming block will now air weekdays from 7:00-8:00 am.

Design Headline News

Disney's The Buzz on Maggie Flies Debutes on Disney Channel

The art direction and gags in the new animated new comedy, DISNEYS THE BUZZ ON MAGGIE, from Walt Disney Television Animation, may leave viewers bug-eyed like the design of its insect stars in a series that is quite a departure for the Disney Channel. The show debuted June 17, 2005, at 8:00 pm and now airs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on the channels weekend block at 5:30 pm.

Films Headline News

Bidding To Begin on Star Wars Films TV Rights

Lucasfilm has sent out a letter to potential network buyers inviting bids for the TV broadcast rights to the STAR WARS film franchise, reports VARIETY. The price tag for the six-film series could go as high as $50 million.