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Version Headline News

Pixels 3d Launches Version 4.5

Pixels Digital has released PiXELS 3D version 4.5 for OSX. The new version includes many new features such as a built-in logo maker for easily created text and broadcast images; easier lighting solutions; Global Illumination; and a newly engineered Inverse Kinematics system. A version for OS9 is also nearing completion. Pixels Digital is offering a 30-day demo of PiXELS 4.5 for OSX users. It is currently available online. PiXELS 4.5 retails for US$399. Upgrades for existing users are also available. For more information, visit

Animation Headline News

Caligari Announces Truespace 6.5

Caligari Corporation has announced the latest version of its flagship product, trueSpace. Version 6.5 features a new animation engine aimed at meeting the needs of game developers and professional animators. TrueSpace's modeling and design environment can be used for projects ranging from print or Web design to full character animation. Version 6.5's new non-linear animation capability allows users to compose complex animations using clips of motion sequences.

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Realviz Launches Imagemodeler 3.5 For Windows XP/2000

REALVIZ has launched its ImageModeler 3.5 for Windows XP/2000, after launching the Mac OSX version of the application in December 2002. Using photographs as a revolutionary approach to 3D content creation, REALVIZ ImageModeler 3.5 offers an innovative and intuitive approach to the often time-consuming and complex task of creating 3D models.

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Di-O-Matic Announces Voice-O-Matic

Character animation plug-in developer Di-O-Matic is currently in development on its latest plug-in, Voice-O-Matic. This new extension easily automates the process of lip synchronization for animated characters directly inside of 3ds max. By using an intelligent phonetic engine that can break down audio files and automatically assign correct phonemes (up to 40 of them), Voice-O-Matic provides the means for characters to talk in just minutes.

Effects Headline News

Profound Effects Ships Useful Things Version 1.2

Profound Effects, Inc. has launched version 1.2 of Useful Things for Adobe After Effects. In addition to more than 40 new or improved effects, version 1.2 focuses on improving ease-of-use. Among these improvements is a keyword search function that lets users quickly find the effect they want. With about 200 effects already available, and more being added continually, finding effects had to become "a quick and easy" task according to Perry Kivolowitz, CEO of Profound Effects, Inc.

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Newtek Offers Video Toaster Graphic System For A Limited Time

NewTek is now offering the VT [2] Graphic System: Video Edition, which combines NewTek's Video Toaster [2] with eyeon Software's professional compositing application DFX+, for US$2495. DFX+ is the 8-bit version of eyeon's image processing software, and the package includes 6 additional modules: visual effects, keying, input/output, 3d tools, paint and particles. DFX+ compositing power includes blue screen keying, motion tracking, text tools and more.

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Digicel Honors 30 Years of Annies with a 30% Discount

In honor of the 30th Annual Annie Awards (to be held February 1, 2003 in Glendale, California), DigiCel, Inc. is offering a 30% discount on any version of FlipBook to all new customers. With versions ranging from US$99 for aspiring animators to US$999 for studios and professional independents, DigiCel FlipBook is the company's popular 2D ink & paint software.

Software Headline News

Discreet Announces 3ds Max 5.1 Update

Discreet has released 3ds max 5.1, a maintenance update available to 3ds max 5 customers as a software download from Discreet's Website. The 3ds max 5.1 update offers enhancements in several functional areas such as scripting, animation, modeling, rendering and mapping. Discreet has also initiated the Discreet Subscription Program, a new service giving 3ds max 5 users an online automated method of purchasing, managing and obtaining maintenance software.

Studio Headline News

Discreet Ships Character Studio 4

Discreet has announced the worldwide shipment of character studio 4, the character animation software that offers game developers and effects artists new breakthroughs in creating complex, realistic animated characters. Announced at SIGGRAPH 2002, character studio 4 includes significant enhancements designed to provide animators an easy-to-use system.

Software Headline News

Crater Software Returns To Canadian Ownership

Crater Software has ended its four-year partnership with EnEfecto of Barcelona, Spain. Crater Software president Joe Alonso has re-acquired all assets and intellectual properties of the Montreal, Canada-based software developer, including its CTP Pro 2D animation software. "This acquisition was something I was personally looking forward to," said Alonso.

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BodyStudio Poses for Mac Users

Reiss Studio in cooperation with Curious Labs, the publisher of Poser, has developed and released BodyStudio for Mac. BodyStudio integrates Curious Labs' Poser 3D character animation technology in Alias|Wavefront Maya, allowing Maya and Poser users to render and playback Poser animations directly inside Maya. In addition, Maya users with BodyStudio will have access to the largest source of pre-rigged characters and props in the world.

Software Headline News

Zebra Development Gives Artists A New Way To Storyboard Projects

Zebra Development has released the first line of software aimed at changing the way storyboards are created. In development for two years, Storyboard Lite software will allow all levels of users to create storyboards with ease. Not only can traditional artists import, organize and modify their hand-drawn storyboards, but boards can also be created in three dimensions using a large expandable library of props and characters included with the software.

Animations Headline News

ScreamDesign Lets You Create Flash Animations In A Flash

Content developer has launched its original Web tool Flash Blaster II, which helps users create high-end Flash animations without software or training. According to ScreamDesign, even novice users can create custom, professional-quality Flash animations in a matter of minutes. FlashBlaster gives users access to a creative library of Flash animation templates, which can be modified easily to create personal messages with unique graphics, music and sound.

Entertainment Headline News

ALT Systems To Provide SGI Solutions To The Entertainment Industry

ALT Systems, Inc., a media solutions reseller serving the entertainment industry throughout Southern California, has become an SGI Platinum Solution Provider. With a customer base of high-end post-production and visual effects facilities, ALT Systems, of Hollywood, California, delivers visual effects workstations, networking, data storage, rendering, data archiving and recording solutions.

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Newtek Extends Its Lightwave 3D Training Offer

NewTek is extending its LightWave 3D "Free Training Bonus Pack" special offer, originally scheduled to end December 31, 2002, to March 31, 2003. This value-added offer provides $1400 in learning materials free to purchasers of a full commercial license copy of LightWave 3D, which retails at $1595.

Visual Headline News

Discreet Ships Combustion 2.1 At New Price

In an attempt to reach out to the growing desktop visual effects community, Discreet has announced it is repricing the update to version 2.1 of its paint, animation and 3D compositing software combustion to US$995. Discreet's combustion technology has been used to produce visual effects in recent blockbuster films such as STAR TREK NEMESIS, HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS and both LORD OF THE RINGS films.

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Nvidia Primed For Microsoft Directx 9.0

NVIDIA Corporation's new GeForce FX and Quadro graphics processing units (GPUs) are compatible and compliant with the Microsoft DirectX 9.0 application programming interface (API). DirectX 9.0, the latest version of Microsoft's suite of multimedia application programming interfaces, offers advances in graphic technology making it easier for game developers to create 3D immersive titles.

Software Headline News

Side Effects Software Offers Challenge To Apprentices

Side Effects Software, developer of the Houdini family of 3D software, is promoting its Houdini Apprentice Edition with the announcement of the Houdini Apprentice Challenge 2003, an art and animation contest based around the software. Co-sponsored by Hewlett Packard and ATI Technologies, the contest aims to support existing users and uncover new animation talent for leading studios that use Houdini.

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Nvidia And Alias|Wavefront Announce Availability Of Maya Cg Plug-In

NVIDIA Corporation, and Alias|Wavefront, have made available a Cg plug-in that integrates advanced real-time shaders into Alias|Wavefront's Maya 4.5. Cg, also known as High Level Shading Language (HLSL), is a C-like high-level graphics programming language that allows 3D artists and content developers to create cinematic-quality images and interact with them in real-time.

Version Headline News

Digicel Releases Flipbook Version 3.6 And Three New Plug-Ins

DigiCel, Inc. has released version 3.6 of its FlipBook Pro software for traditional animation. This new version offers more palette control to simplify large productions, additional lighting effects for shadows, and highlights and glows with soft edges for a more natural and three-dimensional look.

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RE:Vision Effects Releases RE:Flex For Shake

RE:Vision Effects has released RE:Flex, a set of plug-ins designed to bring intuitive morphing and warping directly to Shake, Apple's compositing software. Using Shake's existing drawing and rotoshape tools, RE:Flex allows users to warp and morph image sequences by combining hand feature-matching with automatic image registration. After aligning the hand matched shapes, RE:Flex uses the automatic image registration found in RE:Vision's Twixtor product to align the non-handmatched parts of the image automatically.

Design Headline News

Dosch Design Releases Two Libraries Of High Dynamic Range Images

Dosch Design has released the first two titles of its newly created product line, Dosch HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images). Both Dosch HDRI: Nature and Dosch HDRI: Skies contains 56 HDR-images, which are presented on three CDs. The new product line offers the user a comprehensive library of HDRI effects for use in 3D design and animation applications. Eliminating the need for manual definition of multiple light-sources and lengthy experimentation with color choice and light-volume, the HDRIs contain information as to whether there is a direct light-source (e.g.

Free Headline News

NewTek Offers Free Training Bundle With Lightwave 3D

NewTek, Inc. is celebrating the season with its LightWave Holiday Bonus Pack, an offering which provides $1,400 in learning materials free to purchasers of a full commercial license copy of LightWave 3D. The bundle includes instructional books; LightWave training DVDs from companies including Desktop Images and Class on Demand; CDs from Lost Pencil Animation; a discount on NewTek-sponsored seminars; and magazine subscriptions to NewTekPro Magazine and Keyframe Magazine.

Headline News

Realviz Ships Imagemodeler 3.5

REALVIZ has released its ImageModeler 3.5 for the Macintosh platform. A Windows XP/2000 version of the application is also slated for release in the first quarter of 2003. Using advanced algorithms, REALVIZ ImageModeler 3.5 extracts 3D information from photographs and helps users to measure and re-create accurate 3D models with realistic results. Compared to traditional 3D modeling applications, automatic texturing from photographs reduces the time necessary to create high-quality models.