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Category: Technology

Headline News

Bauhaus Ships Animator’s Toolbar

Bauhaus Software Inc. announced the immediate availability of Animators Toolbar, a powerful new suite of 2D animation automation tools for Mirage Studio 1.5. Animators Toolbar was designed from the ground up for integration with Mirage Studio 1.5, Bauhaus flagship paperless 2D animation, paint and effects system. Animators Toolbar dramatically broadens the capabilities of traditional 2D animators and significantly accelerates their production workflow.

Technology Headline News

NVIDIA Launches nForce4 SLI Intel Edition

NVIDIA Corp. announced the immediate availability of the company's new NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition media and communications processors (MCPs) for Intel platforms. This new line of core-logic solutions incorporates a host of new, leading edge, NVIDIA features never before available on the Intel platform, including NVIDIA SLI technology, hardware-based firewall security, advanced storage solutions and native Gigabit Ethernet networking.

Headline News

Dan Ritchie announces PD Pro Digital Painter v3.1

Dan Ritchie, author of the award-winning paint and animation software Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro, has announced the availability of a new update called version 3.1, available for as a free download to users of PD Pro 3.0 and as a full version installer to new users.

Animation Headline News

Kaze, Ghost Warrior Facial Animation Tool Released

Timothy Albee, creator of the 3D-animated KAZE, GHOST WARRIOR short, has released, in conjunction with programmer Mac Reiter of Mac Reiter Creations, has released the facial animation tool developed for the project that cut his production time considerably.

Headline News

Luxology Offers Free Production Evaluation Version of modo

Luxology Llc. announced the immediate availability of a free production evaluation version of modo, its powerful new subdivision surface and polygonal modeling platform. Fully functional and unrestricted, the production evaluation version of modo is unique to the industry where software demos and learning editions often disable features or create other limitations.

Creative Headline News

Autodesk Goes Toxik

Autodesk Inc. introduced Toxik, collaborative compositing software for the creation of digital visual effects. Featuring advanced creative tools as well as integrated, enterprise-level collaboration, Toxik brings new capabilities to feature film production a market that is demanding increasingly sophisticated levels of creativity, collaboration and image processing quality. Redefining the way visual effects are created, managed and shared, Toxik will be shown publicly at the National Assn. of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) in Las Vegas, April 18-21, 2005.

Headline News

Rendercore Launches Rendering Service for LightWave 7.5 & 8.2

Rendercore, the leading remote rendering solutions company, now supports full automatic remote rendering for NewTeks LightWave 7.5 and 8.2. Users will be able to remotely manage and submit render jobs without any user intervention.

Remote rendering includes:

* Simplified Service Flow* Login with RenMan* Analyze LightWave scene file* Set LightWave Content Directory* Upload through Scene Manager* Submit LightWave job* Monitor and manage jobs through Job Manager* Download outputs

Digital Headline News

Digital Domain Adopts Massive

Massive Software, developer of the Academy Award-winning 3D animation system for AI-driven characters and digital stunts, announced that Digital Domain is integrating Massive into its vfx pipeline. Massive, originally developed by Massive Software founder Stephen Regelous for use on THE LORD OF THE RINGS large-scale battle scenes, has been adopted by premiere creative facilities worldwide, including Rhythm & Hues, Animal Logic, WETA Digital, The Mill and many others.

Software Headline News

Autodesk Ships Combustion 4

Autodesk Inc. has begun shipping combustion 4 software for Windows, the highly anticipated upgrade to its visual effects desktop software solution.

Combustion 4 software features a complete set of sophisticated tools for visual effects creation, including vector paint, particles, effects, animation and 3D compositing. Version 4 provides motion graphics and compositing artists new creative capabilities, interface improvements, new paint tools and enhanced interoperability with third-party applications.

Key new features include:

Toon Headline News

Corel Painter IX and Toon Boom Studio Offer Joint Savings

Toon Boom Animation Inc. and Corel Corp. are now offering special pricing, until May 31, 2005, to customers who purchase both Corel Painter IX and Toon Boom Studio v2.5, a natural pairing for professional animators to create traditional, hand-drawn animation.

Media Headline News

Instant Effects Expands Into Advanced Media Presentation Capabilities

Instant Effects Inc. announced new product developments to create and deliver 3D presentations from within the presentation standard already mastered by millions, Microsoft PowerPoint. Expanding the product family, Instant Effects announced the latest version of its flagship product OfficeFX, for use by consumers, educators and business presenters, and also unveiled OfficeFX Professional.

Motion Headline News

ReelSmart Motion Blur Available for SOFTIMAGE|XSI

RE:Vision Effects has released ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) for SOFTIMAGE|XSI. RSMB automatically tracks every pixel in a sequence and blurs based on calculated motion. RSMB is fully integrated with the 3D scene, so it also works from Motion Vectors generated by shaders and user-supplied points (such as tracker positions). RSMB also gives XSI artists extremely fast, intelligent 2D motion blur for 3D renders, dramatically speeding up the rendering pipeline.

Animation Headline News

Character Animation Technologies Releases Beta of New Muscle Deformation Tool

Character Animation Technologies Ltd., a New Zealand-based developer of innovative character animation software, announced the public, beta release of CATMuscle, its proprietary muscle deformation system. CATMuscle adds a whole new dimension to the company's flagship product, CAT (Character Animation Toolkit), a complete character system for 3ds max. The muscle system allows artists to achieve full-range, realistic movement in shoulders and other difficult areas with a minimum of setup. CATMuscle is the only muscle system that can be imported directly into a game engine.

Motion Headline News

wondertouch Releases Collection of Preset Particle Effects

wondertouch announced the release of "wondertouch Particle Emitters for Motion," a particle emitter package designed for customers using Motion, the high-performance motion graphic design and production application from Apple. The emitter package features a selection of more than 300 preset particle effects, based on the company's award-winning, standalone particleIllusion software technology, that have been converted to operate in Motion.

Turbo Headline News

Turbo Squid Announces New 3D Plug-in Collections

Turbo Squid, home of the Web's largest collection of royalty-free 3D products available for download and worldwide publisher for the Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-in Program, announced the availability of four new market specific software collections.

Headline News

BOXX 8200 Workstation Qualified for DeckLink HD Pro

BOXX Technologies announced that its 8200 series of high-performance workstations based on dual Intel Xeon processors are certified for the Blackmagic DeckLink HD Pro, a high-quality broadcast video card designed for the most demanding high-end television and feature film post-production.

Motion Headline News

Sony Computer Increases MoCap Output with Vicon MX40

Sony Computer Ent. of America Inc. (SCEA) has more than doubled its motion-capture output as a result of deploying the MX40 system from Vicon Motion Systems. SCEA Motion Capture operates as a service bureau available to all of Sonys first-party game titles that require motion capture. The outfit installed a 24-camera Vicon MX40 system in September of 2004, and in just six months has already exceeded the amount of motion capture produced in all of the previous year.

Headline News

Iridas Releases FrameCycler Professional 3.5

Iridas, a pioneer in uncompressed playback technologies, announced the release of FrameCycler Professional 3.5, the newest version of the leading resolution-independent review and analysis software. FrameCycler 3.5 is based on the MP (multi-platform) architecture that Iridas introduced last year.

Animation Headline News

Bauhaus Software Ships Mirage 1.5

Bauhaus Software Inc. announced the immediate availability of Mirage 1.5, a new version of its powerful 2D animation, paint and vfx system. A true paperless digital animation system, Mirage dramatically broadens the capabilities of traditional 2D animators, allowing users to create any classical or digital style 2D animation, from cel animation and anime, to rotoscoping, stop motion and more, in a fully-digital pipeline. Mirage is proven to drastically reduce costs and decrease animation production time by up to 50 percent when compared with traditional 2D pipelines.