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Category: Technology

Animation Headline News

Toon Boom Launches Solo for Small Studios and Indies

Toon Boom Animation has released Toon Boom Solo, a new stand-alone animation software solution designed to for smaller studios and independent animation filmmakers. Solo offers a new level of creativity, efficiency and simplified workflow to produce animation of the highest quality for film, video, television, web sites, games and mobile devices.

Services Headline News

Alias Introduces ‘Creative Bridge’

Alias introduced Creative Bridge, a services program designed to assist senior business managers and marketing professionals effectively exploit design and engineering data in their efforts to develop branded materials that are visually engaging, product correct, and can be created in significantly less time on increasingly tighter budgets.

Studio Headline News

Free DAZ Studio 3D Animation Software Package Launched

DAZ Prods. Inc. has launched DAZ Studio, a free, feature-rich 3D animation software package that puts a complete virtual photo and motion picture studio at your fingertips. With pre-configured 3D scenes, poseable characters, animals, environments, clothing and accessories, DAZ Studio is the easiest way to quickly create high-quality digital images and animation for games, multimedia, illustration and photography applications.

Headline News

Small Tree’s Gigabit Card Increases Productivity at Luma Pictures

When youre a top visual effects company working on multiple projects simultaneously, network speed is critical to meeting client deadlines. For Luma Pictures, creators of vfx for THE CAVE, UNDERWORLD, UNDERWORLD 2, and SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, bandwidth necessity is at a maximum, with 50 to 60 employees concurrently accessing multiple servers throughout the firms Santa Monica production facility. To increase system performance, Luma turned to Small Tree Communications, designers and manufacturers of high-performance networking equipment for the Mac OS X.

Headline News

IBM'S TotalStorage Tape Solution Implemented at Sony Imageworks

IBM has shipped its 500,000th IBM TotalStorage Linear Tape Open (LTO) drive solution to Sony Pictures Imageworks. The company purchased the new storage technology solution to back up its digital animation productions.

Animation Headline News

T-Splines Maya Plug-in 1.0 Starts Shipping

T-Splines LLC, leading developer of 3D animation modeling software, has begun shipping the T-Splines Maya plug-in 1.0, opening a new frontier in 3D modeling by solving two problems that have plagued the 3D modeling industry since its inception: greater surface control and seamless merging. A free trial of the T-Splines Maya plug-in Learning Edition may be downloaded at the T-Splines website,

Software Headline News

LookAhead Applies Robotics to Videogames and Animation

LookAhead Decisions Inc. (LDI) announced the release of its breakthrough software product for videogames and animation. Locust uses proprietary simulation-based look-ahead methods similar to those used by world-championship chess programs, except it handles in realtime aspects such as uncertainty, complex time/cost tradeoffs and dozens of parallel decision-makers.

Autodesk Headline News

Autodesk TV Suite Gets Global Play

Autodesk Inc. announced that it has seen rapid demand for its Autodesk TV Suite from broadcasters and post-production houses around the globe. From Tokyo to Rome, the Autodesk TV Suite is being used to realize ideas for high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) television content.

Animation Headline News

CAT2 Starts Shipping

Character Animation Technologies Ltd has released CAT Version 2. A plug-in for Autodesk's 3ds Max, CAT2 is the next generation of the industry-acclaimed character system CAT (Character Animation Toolkit). CAT2 offers a unique set of tools to help game development, film and television artists produce better animations more quickly in a completely flexible environment.

Digital Headline News

Lustre Digital Color Grading System Shines Worldwide

Autodesks Discreet Lustre digital color grading system has been adopted by more than 15 additional post-production facilities and film studios. The Lustre system is being used on several upcoming feature films, including KING KONG, STAY, PENNY DREADFUL and DOMINO.

Headline News

GenArts to Unveil New Sapphire Plug-Ins at IBC

GenArts Inc announced that the IBC will mark important milestones for the company: the unveiling of the next version of Sapphire Plug-ins for Avid AVX 2.0, the availability of Sapphire Plug-ins v3.07 for 64-bit Discreet systems and the introduction of new managing director Anish Dhanda. The conference takes place in Amsterdam from Sept. 9-13.

Business Headline News

HP Named Preferred Technology Provider for Lucasfilm

HP and Lucasfilm Ltd. announced a three-year, multi-million dollar technology and marketing agreement.

Lucasfilm will use HP Adaptive Enterprise solutions to generate new videogames, visual effects and animation as well as store and manage its business applications. The HP technology will be deployed at Lucasfilm's new Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio of San Francisco and at the company's Singapore operations.

Motion Headline News

EA Bases MoCap Pipeline on Vicon

Gaming powerhouse Electronic Arts (EA) has purchased an 86-camera Vicon MX 40 motion capture system. EA is one of the most prolific users of motion capture content, and has been employing MoCap techniques as part of its game development pipeline for more than 10 years.

Motion Headline News

Motion Analysis Offers Multi-Person, Realtime MoCap System

Motion Analysis Corp. recently delivered its multi-person realtime motion-capture system to XTrackrZ Inc. A 20- camera Eagle-4 Digital system was used for capturing six performers at 120 fps in realtime in the Los Angeles studio of XTrackrZ. Each performer was wearing 42 markers. The Eagle-4 cameras captured and Motion Analysis EVaRT software tracked the motion, solved and retargeted the data of all six performers in realtime.

Version Headline News

RE:Vision Effects Releases RE:Flex 3

RE:Vision offers RE:Flex 3, which brings intuitive morphing and warping directly to combustion 3.0 or later, After Effects 5.0 or later, Shake 3.01 or later and Discreet Systems (IFFFS). Superior results are achieved using RE:Vision Effects' proprietary and sophisticated technology. RE:Flex is especially easy to learn because it uses the host program's own drawing and masking tools (when available) to direct the morphing and warping, so there is no need to learn a whole new user interface.

Software Headline News

Vue 5 Easel To Ship in September

e-on software announced the September release of Vue 5 Easel, the new entry-level version of its award winning Vue product line. Vue 5 Easel will sell for $99.

Vue 5 Easel is specifically designed for digital artists and hobbyists looking for a simple introduction to 3D. With a rich and easy-to-use feature set, Vue 5 Easel will let newcomers to 3D create images and animations within minutes.