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Category: Technology

Headline News

Pixar Releases RenderMan Pro Server v12.5

Responding to the rapidly increasing performance demands of cinematic quality imagery, Pixar Animation Studios announced the release of version 12.5 of its award-winning RenderMan Pro Server software.

Key features of RenderMan Pro Server v12.5 include accelerated ray tracing, support for hierarchical subdivision surfaces, an API to read and write point cloud files, ray tracing visibility and shading attribute simplification and many other improvements and optimizations.

Autodesk Headline News

Autodesk Delivers 3ds Max 7.5 to Subscription Customers

Autodesk has begun deploying Autodesk 3ds Max 7.5 software to its base of subscription customers. Significant enhancements range from a robust integrated hair and fur system and the most current version of mental ray 3.4 together with eight satellite render node licenses to a new design toolset that combines the feature sets of 3ds Max and Autodesk VIZ software. 3ds Max 7.5 files are completely cross compatible with the current 3ds Max version 7 software.

Software Headline News

Shinya Yarimizo Joins Pipelinefx

Shinya Yarimizo, formerly of Square USA and the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC) at the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, has joined Pipelinefx as a senior software engineer. Yarimizo worked on the Production Software Group that developed the technical infrastructure for creating FINAL FANTASY THE SPIRITS WITHIN, the 3D-animated feature film produced by Square USA in Honolulu. Led by Pipelinefx cto, Troy Brooks, the Production Software Group was also responsible for building the predecessor to qube!

Headline News

Rendercore Releases Remote Rendering Solutions for Maya 6.5

Rendercore Inc., a leader in remote rendering solutions, announced complete integration and support for the latest version of Alias Maya 6.5 on Rendercore's state-of-the-art render farm, based in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Software Headline News

e-on Optimizes Vue Line for Tiger

e-on software announced its successful Vue line of products has been optimized to support Mac OS X Tiger. e-on software also announced the immediate availability of the free MetaVue plug-in for Spotlight. MetaVue will enable Mac OS X Tiger users to manage their Vue resources with unprecedented efficiency.

Headline News

Digital-Tutors Releases Maya Advanced: Building Advanced Shading Networks

Digital-Tutors announced the worldwide availability of MAYA ADVANCED: BUILDING ADVANCED SHADING NETWORKS training kit, the first release in a collection for advanced artists and latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for emerging digital artists. Digital-Tutors offers more than 2.5 hours of comprehensive project-driven training, giving users a step-by-step guide through the intricacies of building advanced shading networks in Maya.

Headline News

Alienware Unleashes New MJ-12 7550A Desktop Workstation

Alienware announced the availability of the new Alienware MJ-12 7550A workstation featuring dual AMD Opteron processors and dual PCI Express graphics with support for SLI-enabled NVIDIA Quadro graphics. Powered by the new NVIDIA nForce Professional chipset and featuring an exciting new case design, the MJ-12 7750A is the ultimate tool for computer aided design and manufacturing, digital content creation and other rendering-intensive applications.

Headline News

3Dlabs Ships Wildcat Realizm Drivers Supporting OpenGL 2.0

3Dlabs Inc. Ltd. has released a driver that supports OpenGL 2.0 for Wildcat Realizm professional graphics accelerators. OpenGL 2.0 integrates the OpenGL Shading Language into its core so that software developers can create advanced shader programs and easily port them to any OpenGL 2.0-enabled platform.

Business Headline News

HP Introduces Microsoft Windows x64 for Business Users

HP launched the first business desktop system for Microsoft Windows x64 Editions. The new business desktop PCs and workstations with advanced security features are specifically designed to take advantage of enhancements planned for Microsofts upcoming Longhorn operating system. HP also is enhancing system performance with support for the new Microsoft Windows x64 Edition operating systems across the HP ProLiant server line and on new business desktops and workstations.

Technology Headline News

Avid to Preview 64-bit SOFTIMAGE|XSI 3-D at WinHEC

Avid Technology Inc. will be demonstrating a technology preview of a native 64-bit version of SOFTIMAGE|XSI 3-D animation software during WinHEC, Microsofts annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, from April 25-27, in Seattle, Washington.

Media Headline News

NVIDIA Demonstrates Alignment With Microsoft at WinHEC

NVIDIA Corp. announced that it is a sponsor at WinHEC, Microsofts annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, from April 25-27, in Seattle, Washington.

"NVIDIA's participation in WinHEC is important to Microsoft because of the growing role of powerful graphics and 64-bit platforms to support key initiatives including 'Longhorn' and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition," said Brian Marr, senior product manager of Windows at Microsoft Corp. "We value our relationship with NVIDIA and look forward to continued collaboration."

Autodesk Headline News

Autodesk Announces Discreet Flint & Smoke HD Systems on PC

Autodesk Inc. announced new versions of its Discreet Flint and Discreet Smoke systems. Running on a personal computer, the Flint 9.2 visual effects system and Smoke 6.7 editing system are high-definition (HD) capable, enabling customers to realize their ideas in both HD and standard-definition (SD). Autodesk is also introducing two suites: Autodesk TV and Autodesk Digital Intermediate (DI).

Digital Headline News

Digital Vision Showcases Latest Valhall Colour Grade System at NAB2005

Digital Vision, is showcasing, at NAB2005, the newest version of its Valhall Colour Grade system, V2.0, a complete realtime color correction system, with full primaries and secondaries, machine control and an ergonomic work surface. The Valhall control software also supports all Digital Vision DVNR options, including the new line of ME motion-compensated image processing systems.

Effects Headline News

Apple Announces Shake 4

Apple launched Shake 4 at NAB2005, a major upgrade to the leading compositing software used by independent artists and visual effects facilities. Shake 4 features 3D multiplane compositing, cutting-edge optical flow image processing and unprecedented integration with Final Cut Pro 5.

From Academy award-winning films to broadcast television, Shake helps bring realistic visual effects to life, said Rob Schoeben, Apples vp of applications marketing.

Version Headline News

NewTek Announces VT[4] Version 4.5

NewTek Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading 3D animation and video products, announced the latest software version of its award-winning VT[4] Integrated Production Suite, providing a comprehensive toolset for all professional video production needs from network broadcast to web streaming. VT[4] version 4.5 provides realtime layering and effects for live video and graphics in most PC file formats and operates internally in uncompressed D1 component video, with composite, Y/C, component, DV or optional SDI output.

Headline News

Accom Announces New Products at NAB

At NAB, Accom announced the launch of ProServ MX.8, EasyClip, APR/ClipStoreMX and APR/ClipStoreMXc. Accom is located at NAB Booth SU 7834.

ProServ MX.8 is the industrys most versatile video production server. The ProServ MX.8 offers up to four high-definition channels or up to eight standard definition channels. All channels offer symmetrical inputs and outputs. For complete versatility, ProServ MX.8 can simultaneously record, play, edit and manage HD and SD content.

Software Headline News

ADS Tech Unveils New PYRO Studio Bundled with Sony Vegas+DVD

At NAB, ADS Tech unveiled PYRO A/V Link Studio that includes ADS Tech's 1394/Firewire-based Analog/Digital Video (DV) converter bundled with the Sony Vegas+DVD Production Suite of video and audio software tools. Combined, the industry leading hardware and software components provide professional media producers and prosumers with a compelling video production solution that includes everything they need to begin capturing, editing and processing DV, HDV and creating other content, including surround-sound audio and streaming media.

Headline News

REALVIZ Unveils SMART at NAB 2005

REALVIZ chose NAB 2005 as the setting for the introduction of SMART ('Scalable Matching Architecture for Tracking'), a new automatic tracking engine, which is the result of extensive R&D efforts at the company's headquarters in the South of France. MatchMover Pro will be the first of the REALVIZ products powered by SMART, with a release slated for June 2005 on Macintosh, Windows and Linux.

Headline News

IRIDAS Presents All-New Product Lineup at NAB

IRIDAS is presenting a full lineup of new products at NAB 2005 including FrameCycler Digital Daily System (DDS) 3.5, FrameCycler Professional 3.5, SpeedGrade DI and SpeedGrade On Set. The SpeedGrade products represent both ends of the world's first unbroken color pipeline from filming through post-production and finishing. FrameCycler is the first 2K playback technology to run on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Dreamworks Headline News

DreamWorks Animation Strikes AMD Alliance

AMD and DreamWorks Animation SKG Announce Strategic Alliance

AMD will provide the AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture for DreamWorks Animation's next-generation enterprise servers, workstations, render farm nodes, enterprise desktops and enterprise laptops. The new agreement also includes marketing opportunities for AMD to utilize characters from DreamWorks Animation motion pictures, as well as work with DreamWorks Animation to promote upcoming film and home video releases.

Headline News

Turbo Squid Releases Male 3D Human Anatomy 2.0

Turbo Squid announced the availability of the Male 3D Human Anatomy 2.0 collection from Zygote Media Group designed for professionals to use in medical animation and illustration.

Zygote, in collaboration with medical experts, has spent thousands of hours developing its 3D human anatomy collection to be the most extensive, anatomically correct product available. This collection is geared toward medical animation professionals and is delivered electronically in six major formats: 3D Studio MAX, Maya, C4D, HRC, LWO, OBJ, and XSI.

Headline News

Artbeats Announces New Military Collections at NAB 2005

Artbeats unveiled two new military collections entitled ROAD TO BAGHDAD and TANKS at the 2005 National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB), booth SL1219. Featuring compelling footage of combat, tank firing, night vision firing and combat sequences, Artbeats new military collections capture reality of war in high definition (HD).