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Frederator Studios Unleashes Season 2 of 'Bravest Warriors'

Frederator Studios amps up Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel with second season launch of breakout animated hit, Bravest Warriors; new Season from the creators of cartoon network sensation Adventure Time headlines burgeoning YouTube channel’s programming expansion.

Cartoon Headline News

Wulin Warriors: Legend of the Seven Stars Debuts on Cartoon Network

Epic puppet saga WULIN WARRIORS: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS debuts on Cartoon Network during Toonami on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006, at 8:00 pm. In this new action series produced by Animation Collective and distributed by Broadway Video, hand puppets meet kung-fu movies in an original, humorous and bizarre take on the traditional action series, inspired by anime and martial arts classics.

Warriors Headline News

g-NET Brings Nerdy Game Warriors to MTV

g-NET media has signed a deal with MTV to create an animated pilot using characters created for videogames, reports VARIETY. The story will contrast the nerdy real lives and game lives of videogame warriors. g-NET has a deal in place with a undisclosed videogame publisher.