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A52 Uses Massive 2.0 for Budweiser Spot

EVERYDAY HEROES, a recent :60 Budweiser spot from Waylon Ad in St. Louis, marked the first time that A52 has used Massive, the AI-driven animation system from Massive Software that is currently in V. 2.0.

Back in April, Anheuser-Busch announced its Heres to the Heroes cross-country tour, sending an eight-horse Clydesdale team from New York and a second from San Francisco, each accompanied by its own mobile television studio, to major cities along the routes to St. Louis, where both teams will meet on July 3.

Team Headline News

Framestore Helps League of Gentlemen with Theatrical Apocalypse

London-based Framestore CFC created both the digital visual effects and the DI for THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN'S APOCALYPSE, the cult favorite comedy series that makes its way to the big screen June 3 in the U.K. Written by Jeremy Dyson, Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, and starring Gatiss, Pemberton and Shearsmith, THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN'S APOCALYPSE was produced by Greg Brenman and Ed Guiney, and directed by Steve Bendelack.

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Underdog Flies with NASCAR

The No. 37 R&J Racing Dodge Charger has joined forces with UNDERDOG for two of NASCAR's most high profile races, the Nextel Cup All-Star Challenge and the Coca-Cola 600 on May 28, 2005. The No. 37 racecar will be fueled by the "speed of lightning and roar of thunder" in its all-new red, white and blue UNDERDOG paint scheme.

In recent months the team has been referred to as the 'underdog' of Nextel Cup. Beginning with a 9th place finish in the Daytona 500, the team has sought week after week to qualify and race in every Nextel Cup event on the schedule thus far.

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Activision Acquires Game Developer Toys For Bob

Further enhancing its internal development capabilities, Activision Inc. announced that it has acquired game developer Toys For Bob. As a result of the acquisition, Activision now has approximately 1,000 employees in its studio operations.

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A52 Infuses Infiniti M Campaign With CGI Art

A52 has finished design, animation and visual effects work for the new Infiniti M campaign from TBWAChiatDay in Los Angeles. Two campaign broadcast spots, DUSK and ALL WHEEL DRIVE, recently debuted, featuring environments created completely in CGI, as well as CGI light flourishes which are widely being used in the agencys print and outdoor elements of the nationwide campaign.

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!mpossible Pictures Promotes & Adds To The Team

!mpossible Pictures has promoted editor James Frazier to director of operations and welcomes a new addition, designer/editor Heather Arment, to the team.

James has been an integral part of the company and our clients have expressed enthusiasm seeing him move to the next level in handling day-to-day operations, said Steve Urbano, !mpossible Pictures vp/director. Heather makes a terrific addition to our team with her great energy and originality. Shes one-of-a-kind and brings unique experiences in design, filmmaking, and editing.

Mill Headline News

Colorist Seamus O’Kane to Join The Mill

Seamus O'Kane has left VTR to join The Mills transatlantic telecine team of Fergus McCall, Adam Scott, Paul Harrison, Jamie Wilkinson, Tom Poole and James Bamford.

OKane, who begins in April, has worked with award-winning directors Ivan Zacharias, Steve Reeves, Stuart Douglas, Chris Palmer, Vince Squibb and Tom Carty. Among his many recent credits are: Stella ENGLISH AIRMAN (Zacharias), HSBC EASY RIDER (Palmer) and Lynx KUNG FU ROMANTIC (Tom Carty).

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Puppet Sex Won’t Get Team America An NC-17

Rumors on the Internet have been buzzing of late that graphic puppet sex will land SOUTH PARKs Trey Parker and Matt Stones new marionette film, TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE, an NC-17 rating from the MPAA. However, the demented duo are contractually obligated to give distributor Paramount Pictures a cut that squeaks out an R-rating, reports VARIETY. Parker and Stone are not new to debating issues with the MPAA. SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER, UNCUT also received an NC-17 at first.

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Jeff Brown Signs With Tag Team Films

Academy and Emmy Award-winning director Jeff Brown has signed an agreement for exclusive representation with Tag Team Films in Los Angeles, an industry leading producer of kids and toy commercials. Brown, on staff at Rocket Films, New York City, for the past 10 years, has directed well over 100 toy spots, many involving very young children, including work for Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Tyco and Playskool.

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Sarbakan Add Five New Hires to Staff

Sarbakan, a full service digital animation studio in Quebec City has added five new hires to its full-time staff, bringing its total of employees to 47.

Stephanie Gingras joins the 2D project management team as a producer. She was a producer for I.C. Axon where she was responsible for many multimedia and print projects in the field of e-learning solutions between 2000 and 2003.

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Zoic Provides a Big CG Chill to Day After Tomorrow

Zoic Studios helped create the illusion of cold via 47 shots in which visible breath is seen in the Fox feature THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, which opens May 28. Working in decidedly warmer temperatures then they were replicating, Zoic's team animated for three months perfecting the extensive breath scenes needed in a frozen New York. The shots were created using Maya, combustion and flame.

Zoic credits:

VFX producer: Raoul Y. BologniniVFX super: Rocco Passionino

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Former Discreet Computer Team Auctions Itself On eBay

After losing their jobs at Discreet in England because of outsourcing, a team of computer gurus who worked on THE LAST SAMURAI, THE MATRIX and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE have auctioned their services off on eBay, Britains GUARDIAN reported on Wednesday.

Visual Headline News

Get Taken, Spielberg-Style, on DVD

The Emmy Award-winning TAKEN, produced by DreamWorks Television and exec produced by Steven Spielberg, was Sci Fi Channel's highest rated program ever. The 10-part miniseries comes to DVD Oct. 21, 2003 in a lavish five-disc set (DreamWorks Home Entertainment, $89.95). Spanning 50 years of habitual alien abductions among three American families, TAKEN expands on many of the themes Spielberg first introduced in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, obviously with a stronger emphasis on family.

Team Headline News

A52 Conjures Road Hazards for Goodyear Campaign

Clio Award-winning A52 recently completed VFX work on Goodby, Silverstein & Partners/San Francisco's Goodyear broadcast campaign. The campaign's first :30 spots - one entitled BALLS and a second entitled SCREW continue airing nationwide, and a third spot will debut soon.

This campaign for Biscuit Filmworks and director Noam Murro features dramatic scenarios in which harmless, mundane objects become threatening... thereby revealing the advanced safety features of Goodyear's products.