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Animation Headline News

Animasia Signs Co-Production Deal with Agogo Corp.

Malaysian Animasia Studio has partnered with Chinese studio Agogo Corporation to produce multiple animation projects.

The projects which are worth more than Euro 3 million, consist of servicing contracts, co-development of IPs and joint distribution for worldwide markets, are set to kick off middle of 2009 and will keep both studios busy for the next 24 months. The projects will be broadcasted by international networks and prominent European networks.

Studio Headline News

Tippett Studio Adopts Tweak RV for Playback and Review

Tippett Studio is integrating Tweak Software's RV company-wide as its playback tool of choice. RV will replace Flipper, the proprietary playback software developed at Tippett Studio, as the backbone of its VFX digital pipeline.

Tippett Studio was founded 25 years ago and has earned a reputation for groundbreaking animation and visual effects. The studio has launched a major initiative to retool its pipeline to accommodate increasingly complex artistic and technical demands -- without disrupting existing workflows.

Studio Headline News

New Animation Studio Opening in Philly

A new production studio will be opening this summer in Philadelphia, called UArts Motion Heads (, a studio that incorporates various methods of animation with live-action, original music, voice-over talent, motion graphics and illustration.

Animation Headline News

Studio100 Launches New Animation Studio

Belgium-based family entertainment group Studio 100 has launched a new animation studio, Studio100 Animation.

Based in Paris, the company's new studio has been established as part of Studio 100's development strategy to create a thriving business in the animation sector through self-funding as well as seeking out co-finance and project development opportuntities.

Heading up the operation is Jo Daris, GM of Studio100 Animation, who will manage the team and spearhead all activities within the division.

Studio Headline News

Horror Writer Gets Comicbook/Film Deal

Horror film writer Neal Marshall Stevens will write two comicbooks for Studio 407 that the company may also adopt into features, per VARIETY.

Futuristic action-thriller HAVOC BRIGADE will come out March 25 and scary actioner DEMON SQUAD is set for release later in 2009. Stevens originally came to Studio 407 to write HUNTER with director Eric Vallete and co-produced by Stallion Pictures.

Studio 407 is working with Myriad Pictures to produce two films based on their graphic novels: HYBRID and THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST.

Studio Headline News

Studio B Announces Development Deal With Slap Happy Cartoons

On the heels of MARTHA SPEAKS and KID VS KAT in 2008, Studio B Productions Inc., a production subsidiary of DHX Media Ltd. and Slap Happy Cartoons have signed a development deal for 2D animated series B.O.O.M. Boys, created by Slap Happy Cartoons.

Targeting kids 6-11, B.O.O.M. BOYS is a 52x11 comedy series about three bionic brothers, Flip, Ollie and Kick, who build out-of-this world inventions while escaping the grasp of the evil military agency that developed them. The boys have to lay low, but that's hard to do when you're 13 and super-charged.

Studio Headline News

Sony's 2012 Moved to November

Sony is pushing 2012 back from July 10 to November 13, per VARIETY, the same weekend the studio used to launch the last two James Bond films.

Sony's president of worldwide distribution Rory Bruer said the studio has a good summer slate and it makes sense to move 2012, from director Roland Emmerich, to the eve of the crowded Thanksgiving holiday.

Summer tentpoles for Sony include ANGELS AND DEMONS (May 15) and THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE (June 12) with Denzel Washington and John Travolta.

Studio Headline News

Scott Griffin Moves to MPC Vancouver

Scott Griffin, senior producer at MPC London, is moving to MPC's Vancouver location, where he will take the position of Head of Production.

The studio, which focuses on VFX for feature films, has recently completed sequences for Zach Snyder's WATCHMEN and is currently working on Jonathan Mostow's SURROGATES for Walt Disney Studios.

The studio is based in the Yaletown district of Vancouver, central to the vfx industry.

Studio Headline News

Manga Studio 4.0 for Mac and Windows Out Now

Smith Micro Software, Consumer Group have released Manga Studio Debut 4.0 and Manga Studio EX 4.0, the world's leading manga and comic art software used by professional artists and hobbyists to create professional, ready-to-publish comics and print cartoons from start to finish.

Work Headline News

Double Negative to Open VFX Studio in Singapore

U.K. vfx company Double Negative will open an office in Singapore by March of 2009, according to Singapore newspaper THE STRAITS TIMES.

Animators and designers in the Singapore studio will work on projects like HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRICE, and start with a staff of about a dozen. Double Negative's recent credits include THE DARK KNIGHT, QUANTUM OF SOLACE and HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY.

Sound Headline News

Toei Goes Digital, Adds Postproduction & Sound Stage

Tokyo-based animation and live-action producer and distributor Toei will spend $55 million on renovating and digitalizing their studio, per VARIETY.

The studio, in Tokyo's Nerima Ward, is four-story, 51,161 square feet facility for films, TV and animation production by their group companies. A highlight of the revamp is a new digital postproduction center to process images and sound, including advanced CG and 3-D work.

Studio Headline News

Takashi Murakami Opening Studio In L.A.

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami will be opening an animation studio in Los Angeles next summer, according to the LOS ANGELES TIMES.

Called Japan's Andy Warhol, and based in Tokyo, Murakami is known for his oversized anime style and already has a studio in New York. The new studio will operate under Kaikai Kiki, his production and artist-management company. Murakami works in painting and sculpture, film and mass-produced goods all under one company.

Game Headline News

EA Opens New Studio In Austin, Texas For Game Development

Electronic Arts is opening a new studio, Pogo Austin, who have come together to build new games as part of the team. The Pogo Austin team will be joining EA's Bioware studio in Austin, Texas, USA.

The new studio will focus on creating family-friendly titles based on Hasbro properties. The initial team of 12 features a strong foundation of Austin natives who boast more than 108 years of collective game experience and have shipped titles at companies such as LucasArts, Aspyr Media, Acclaim, Amaze Ent., Human Code, Origin Systems and Family Time Interactive.

Studio Headline News

Digital Animation Studio Plastic Wax Goes Global

Sydney, Australia-based Digital animation studio Plastic Wax, who specialize in videogame production, are implementing global expansion plans that include extensive talent acquisition, investments in new technology and the opening of an office in San Francisco focused on business development.

Studio Headline News

DAZ 3D and GoFigure Launch aniMate Plug-in For DAZ Studio

Playing with blocks isn't just for kids anymore. The aniMate plug-in for DAZ Studio allows artists to animate 3D characters through drag-and-drop animation modules called aniBlocks, which seamlessly blend into any DAZ Studio project. Created by GoFigure, producer of viral applications for Internet, computer and mobile social networks, and DAZ 3D, developers of 3D software and models, aniMate offers an extremely easy approach to building animation sequences that is ideal for beginners, yet capable of producing professional results.

Studio Headline News

Studio B Producer Pimm Dies

Earlier this week, Studio B lost producer Richard Pimm, who passed away on September 24, 2008. Pimm, 60, was a known animation producer throughout Canada and the world.

For more than 30 years, Pimm worked for many of the world's leading animation companies, including Nelvana, Disney and Lucasfilm. He also spent 12 years working as an overseas supervisor in Korea, Taiwan, China, Wales, Thailand and the Philippines, where he was the General Manager for Toon City.

Studio Headline News

Armature Studio Opens Its Doors

Three of the principal developers of the critically acclaimed METROID PRIME series have announced the formation of Armature Studio, which is now welcoming resumes. The company, located in Austin, Texas, is headed by Mark Pacini, Todd Keller and Jack Mathews, the former Game Director, Art Director and Principal Technology Engineer of the hit Nintendo franchise.

Studio Headline News

Former Animation Studio Head Morris Sullivan Dies

Morris Sullivan, who helped establish the Irish animation studio responsible for AN AMERICAN TAIL and THE LAND BEFORE TIME, has died in Toluca Lake, California at age 91, according to a LOS ANGELES TIMES obituary.

Sullivan ran a financial consulting firm before he helped found Sullivan Bluth Studios in 1985 with Don Bluth and other former Disney animators, who had produced several shorts and the feature THE SECRET OF NIMH but went bankrupt in 1984. Sullivan Bluth produced AN AMERICAN TAIL in 1986, and the studio was moved to Ireland to produce films more cost-efficiently.

Studio Headline News

Rushes Studio Moves In With Itch Film

Rushes, in partnership with Itch Film, will soon reopen their fully equipped, newly refurbished and re-branded studio. This new venture will combine a state of the art studio space with Rushes' long-standing knowledge of pack shots and motion control studio shoots.

Itch Film is a boutique production company, founded by Charlie Paul, an experienced food shoot specialist.

The studio has undergone a complete transformation, with a larger stage area and a stylish, contemporary client area, WiFi Internet access and a roof terrace.

Series Headline News

Jack Olesker Named President Of KEN Creative Studio

Producer/director/writer Jack Olesker, creator of the MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS television series, has been named President of KEN Creative Studio, the India/U.S. production arm of KEN Group, the Bangalore, India-based multinational conglomerate.

Olesker's immediate task will be to develop a slate of original animated feature films and television series for distribution in the U.S. and internationally, and to be produced jointly in the U.S. and India.

Studio Headline News

DAZ 3D, NaturalPoint Unveil ARENA Real-Time Mocap Plug-in For DAZ Studio

3D software developer DAZ 3D and optical tracking technology developer NaturalPoint announced the ARENA plug-in for DAZ Studio, an easy-to-use and cost-effective complete motion capture solution. Being shown for the first time at the 2008 SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles, the ARENA plug-in for DAZ Studio allows full body and facial capture, rendering, as well as a real-time workflow perfect for previsualization.

To obtain additional information during SIGGRAPH, visit DAZ 3D's Booth #910, or to view a live real-time demonstration, visit NaturalPoint at Booth #733.

Studio Headline News

Find Virtual Love In Virtual Loveland

Twentieth Century Fox is in negotiations to bring LOVELAND, a U.K. dating show with a virtual reality twist, to the U.S., per VARIETY.

The show is from Standing Stone Productions, the U.K. shingle launched in 2007 by FremantleMedia North America CEO Tom Gutteridge.

After watching the pilot, Fox reality chief Mike Darnell expressed interest in making an American version.