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Man on Fire Blazes Past Kill Bill

The Denzel Washington revenge thriller, MAN ON FIRE, outpaced the Jennifer Garner comedy, 13 GOING ON 30, at the box office for the weekend ended April 25, 2004. The Fox film grabbed $22.7M compared to Universals $21M in their debuts. Meanwhile, Miramaxs KILL BILL VOL. 2 (with vfx by K.N.B. EFX Group) slipped nearly 59% in its second week to $10.4M and a cume of $42.9M. Lions Gates THE PUNISHER (with vfx by Fantasy II Film Effects) dipped nearly 55% in its sophomore outing to finish fourth with a total of $24.1M.

Spot Headline News

Guava and Hornet Finish VFX for Latest Quaker Fairy Tale Spots

Guava and Hornet Inc. have completed vfx and production for JACK AND THE BEANSTALK and 3 BEARS, the second and third :30 entries in a three-spot campaign for Quaker via Element79Partners. Hornet recently created character design work for the first spot, RED RIDING HOOD.

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M&M’s Find Color in River of Chocolate Spot

Forget the image of M&Ms fading to gray-scale, as they did in a previous spot this year. Using THE WIZARD OF OZ for more colorful inspiration, M&Ms are back in a CG RIVER OF CHOCOLATE spot, the first of a five-part campaign produced by New York effects and design company Charlex. More abstract than the more familiar character advertising, the focus of this campaign is intended to broaden the brand and to utilize different interpretations of the Petula Clark song Color My World.

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Blur Crashes the Boards for Reebok

Blur Studio staged an exciting above-the-rim duel between two of the NBA's best point guards for a new computer-animated spot for Reebok and the Arnell Group, New York. Directed by Blur's Tim Miller and produced entirely in-house by the animation studio, the spot features CG versions of Steve Francis of the Houston Rockets and Baron Davis of the New Orleans Hornets. The hoops stars trade stunning three pointers and devastating slam-dunks that leave a basketball court in ruins.

Effects Headline News

DKP Produces VFX for ‘See the Town’ Internet Service Spot

Cossette Communications of Toronto came to nearby DKP Effects to do vfx honors for the Bell Sympatico high-speed Internet service spot titled SEE THE TOWN 310 FAST. Cossette was looking to create a world that didnt exist to support the metaphor of the Internet at high-speed, in which stores would be stylized versions of media-rich Websites. Each storefront was designed to be deep into the interactive content, and streets were perfectly clean to represent the DSL broadband service.

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R!OT Manhattan Visualizes ‘Closer Than You Think’ GM Spot

R!OT Manhattan applied its artistic touch to turn New York City street scenes into Anytown, USA for a new spot promoting the GM Credit Card. Conceived by Mullen Advertising, CLOSER THAN YOU THINK promotes the cards benefits program through the story of a man who is being stalked by a growing fleet of General Motors vehicles.

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Elf Dwarfs Master

New Line's Christmas satire, ELF (with vfx by Rhythm & Hues and Amalgamated Pixels) won the box office weekend ended Nov. 16, 2003. After two weeks, ELF has grabbed a tidy $70.3M. Fox's Oscar contender, MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD, debuted in second place with a respectable but certainly not commanding $25.1M.

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Velocity Design Helps HBO Sunday Spots Come Home

Velocity Design Group in New York City has teamed up again with the creatives at HBO to craft the networks new Sunday night lineup branding campaign, making the networks stars sing the same tune Mel Tormes rendition of Comin Home. The song was selected after an extensive search for one that conveyed the desired mood and message. Scores of tapes were screened at Velocity and HBO to find the longest moments of serendipitous synchronicity.

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SWAY Has a Purpose for Honda Element Spot

SWAY Studio, in association with A52, recently wrapped work on an all-CGI spot for the new Honda Element via ad agency Rubin Postaer and Associates. Live-action footage was directed by Roman Coppola (CQ), which was then rotoscoped into photo-real CGI by the artists at SWAY.

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Jeepers Creepers: Summer Box Office Ends on a Scream

When all was said and done, summer 2003 climbed to a record high of $3.27B, 2% higher than last year, thanks mainly to higher ticket prices. Nonetheless, the number of tickets sold was 542.3M, fourth highest in movie history, though down 2% from summer 2002.

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Happy Hour Scores For RealOne’s NBA Pass

Portland, Oregon-based Happy Hour Entertainment has delivered a 30-second cel-animated television spot for RealNetworks RealOne NBAPass online media subscription service. The spot, entitled TIMMY, features a sports-inept boy with a computer for a head, who becomes very popular because of his classmates can watch NBA highlights through RealOnes NBA Inside Ticket on his noggin.

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R!OT Crafts VFX for Masters of the Universe Commercial

Utilizing a cinematic approach, R!OT Santa Monica recently set the scene for a new 30-second TV spot promoting two Master of the Universe action figures. He-Man and Skeletor, part of Mattel's new toy line, trade swords and spears in a fantasy fight sequence set on a dusty plain under crimson skies. Conceived by Young & Rubicam, Irvine, the high-energy spot invites kids to "live the ultimate battle."

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Nemo Back on Top; Rugrats Go Wild Debuts in Fourth

FINDING NEMO, the Disney/Pixar computer-animated smash, was back atop the box office chart, reeling in $28.3M in its third week. That puts it near the $200M plateau with $191.4M. The other animated opener, Paramount/Nickelodeon/Klasky Csupo's RUGRATS GO WILD, made an impressive debut in the fourth spot with $11.5M.

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Furious 2 Topples Nemo from Top Spot

Young males got their movie thrills last weekend with the opening of Universal's FAST AND FURIOUS sequel, 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, which revved up the box office chart with $50.5M. Crystal Dowd served as VFX producer and Collin Fowler was VFX coordinator for Illusion Arts.

FINDING NEMO, meanwhile, slipped to second place after its record-breaking opening with a very impressive $46.6M, giving the Disney/Pixar hit $144M in less than two weeks.

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Bent Image Lab Centers on First Reese's Spot in 2 Decades

Bent Image Lab has just finished production on the first Reese's Pieces ad in more than two decades for Hershey's and agency partner DDB New York. For the CENTER OF ATTENTION CAMPAIGN, it was Bent Image's job to bring to life an action-packed world where the center of the frame always contains a Reese's Pieces candy as the focal point. The style has been done in live action before where camera harnesses lock the person attached to camera in the center of the frame like in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, but this is the first time it's been done in mixed-media or 3D stop-motion animation.

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Clio Awards Handed Out For Top Commercials

The 44th Annual Clio Awards were announced on May 21, 2003 in Miami, Florida. Anonymous Content and Digital Domain took home two Gold Awards for their Adidas "Mechanical Legs" spot. Clio is the world's largest and most famous advertising awards competition in the international advertising and business communities. This year's TV jury was chaired by Bob Scarpelli, U.S. cco for DDB.

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Rolling~C Pours Mixed Techniques Into Spot For Kraft

Rolling~C~Productions of Toronto has completed SUMMER MORNING, the fifth spot in a series for Kraft Canada and its agency FCB Toronto. "The complexity of both composition and animation has evolved and got more elaborate in each spot since the initial concept three years ago," commented exec producer Michael Crabtree, "Creative/animation director Terry Godfrey continued this trend and really upd the amount of animation and brought in some very nice changes to the format and flow."

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Chester Cheetah Cuts Loose In New CG Cheetos Spot

In a new spot for Frito-Lay and agency BBDO, New York, advertising icon Chester Cheetah makes his CG debut, thanks to New York-based VFX company Quiet Man. Titled "Field Trip," the spot marks not only Chester's transformation from traditional cel animation, but also the first major spot in which the character is seen almost exclusively in a live-action environment. In the spot, Chester appears in a classroom as a substitute teacher to introduce Twisted Cheetos.

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Lil Red Meets Lara Croft

Uli Meyer Studios has just finished another animated commercial featuring Lil Red Button Man, the character the studio created to embody the interactive features of the BSKYB network. In "Rock Idol," Lil Red and video game star Lara Croft face off to entice viewers to play TOMB RAIDER as part of BSKYB's interactive games selection. In the spot, the animated Lara Croft is on a mission through a museum. She leaps over and ducks under laser beams until she finds what appears to be a statue of a mystical icon.

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Unbound Studios Launches Spot For Munchsters’ Lunchpods

Hollywood-based Unbound Animation recently completed a spot for the British kids' lunchbox product, Munchsters' Lunchpods. Unbound was hired by Viacom Brand Solutions as part of its Munchsters' " MegaBowl" promotional campaign to air on Nickelodeon U.K. The 30-second spot opens with pre-teens Whak and Kayo, sitting at a table looking glumly at their empty lunchboxes. A fly buzzes out of the nasty lunchboxes, while the voiceover tells them to forget their old boring sandwiches... Munchsters' Lunchpods are more fun, cool and taste great!

Animation Headline News

Cartoonland Shows Its Cool In Fox Kids Spot

Independent animation studio Cartoonland in San Francisco recently completed 2D animation for a new commercial for Fox Kids Denmark. In the spot, a 2D animated boy is watching television with a live-action picture. He flips the channels and as soon as he reaches the Fox Kids channel the scene explodes into 3D animation and the boy flies through space with hundreds of Fox cartoon characters.

Studio Headline News

Coming Soon To Your Bathroom Wall: The Studio Upstairs’ Kool Campaign

Brown & Williamsons KOOL cigarettes campaign has found a new outlet for display, thanks to a 30-second spot produced by The Studio Upstairs via agency BatesUSA. Entitled "Pulse," the spot is designed to be viewed on bathroom walls in nightclubs across the U.S. via a broadcast medium known as narrowcasting. Narrowcasting is a narrowly focused mix of media created for a specific viewer. The medium is viewed in a public place, usually at a relevant point of contact with the consumer.

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Sway Goes Flying For California Utilities

Sway digital studio has completed work on "Flying," an energy conservation spot for California Utilities via Grey Worldwide. The 30-second spot, directed by Sway partners Michael Adamo and Mark Glaser, features colorful computer generated clothing flying through a scenic black and white, Ansel Adams-inspired, California landscape. Conceptualized by Grey senior art director Art Weeks, "Flying" was designed to promote a new series of high-efficiency washers. The spot opens with what appears to be a flock of birds flying over a California river valley.