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Interactive Headline News

Charged Studios Is Called Upon By to Produce An Interactive Spot With A Message From the Future

Actress Olivia Wilde takes on the role of a rebel activist who hijacks a present-day TV broadcast to give viewers a glimpse of what the country’s future will be if they do not get out and vote in 2010

Spot Headline News

JWT New York, Asylum Recreate Iconic Movie Scene for Bing Spot

Who says you can't improve the past? Asylum VFX did just that, for JWT New York, handling all post and VFX on a Bing spot that recreated the iconic closing scene from the 1991 hit Thelma & Louise.

Spot Headline News

Crash+Sues Brings “Bluephoria” To Life For Blue Grass Cellular

If wireless customers were to conjure up a utopian world where cellular services had the capability to meet their every need and its technology functioned in perfect harmony with their lives, it could not surpass the mythical ‘Bluephoria,’ an idyllic state crafted by CRASH+SUES for Bluegrass Cellular.

Million Headline News

Avatar Claims Spot as Top All-Time Grosser

By Matt Kapko | Monday, February 1, 2010 at 2:17pm

In the end, James Cameron could only be outdone by himself. AVATAR surpassed TITANIC over the weekend, Jan. 29-31, all the all-time worldwide grosser with $2.04 billion so far. The film raked in $31.2 million and held on to its #1 spot for the seventh straight week.

Million Headline News

Twilight Comes Out Swinging on Opening Weekend

By Matt Kapko | Monday, November 23, 2009 at 1:00pm

As expected THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON took a commanding lead for its opening weekend, Nov. 20-22, earning $142.8 million for Summit and the #1 slot. THE BLIND SIDE from Warner Bros. came in second for its first week, earning $34.1 million.