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Software Headline News

NXN Software Joins Intel Developer Dispatch Program

NXN Software has joined Intel's Developer Dispatch Program. Under the terms of the deal, NXN will provide a special trial version of its NXN alienbrain Engineer configuration management system to all participating developers. As part of the program, NXN will also present its offering for software developers at Intel's ECTS booth 1240.

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BOXX Teams with 3ds max, Releases CineBOXX, Updates HDBOXX

At SIGGRAPH 2003, BOXX Technologies announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Discreet to offer 3ds max with its XXtreme series of 3DBOXX workstations. In addition, the company announced the release of CineBOXX [review], the first component in the CineBOXX series of digital intermediate systems for real-time playback of 2K DPX and Cineon files at 24fps, as well as an upgrade to its HD editing and compositing system, HDBOXX.

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Discreet Announces 3ds max 6

Discreet has announced the newest version of its 3D modeling, animation and rendering software, 3ds max 6. Many features in 3ds max 6 were created because of requests by leading film effects, design visualization and game development customers. SEGA was a major partner in the development of the new version, including providing direction on the new schematic view feature.

Software Headline News

Innoventive Software Releases FrameForge 3D First 3D Storyboarding Software

Innoventive Software, LLC has released FrameForge 3D, the first 3D storyboarding software. The program gives users an easy-to-manipulate 3D virtual film set with fully posable actors, hills, trees, snap-together walls, furniture and other elements. FrameForge 3D allows users to print the boards, including technical information required to create that shot on location. Storyboard shots can be associated with parts of an imported script, played as a slideshow, exported to standard graphics files, HTML pages or turned into a Macromedia Flash animation. Other features include:

Digital Headline News

What's Happening at SIGGRAPH 2003?

This year's SIGGRAPH is expected to draw more than 25,000 computer graphics and interactive technology professionals and 200 exhibitors at the San Diego Convention Center, July 27-31, 2003. The conference (Sunday through Thursday) includes a July 28 keynote address, "Modeling the Cosmos: The Shape of the Universe," by Cambridge University astrophysicist Anthony Lasenby (8:00-9:45 am, Room 20A-C).

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IDSA Changes Name

The association representing U.S. computer and video game software publishers, formerly the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA), announced it has changed its name to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), effective immediately. The organizations Website has been changed from to

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Discreet & NXN Software Announce Partnership

Discreet and NXN Software, a leading supplier of asset management solutions for the digital entertainment and computer graphics industries, have announced a technology and bundling partnership that will promote tighter integration between their applications: Discreets 3ds max and NXNs alienbrain Studio.

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Bauhaus Software Pacts with TVPaint

Bauhaus Software Inc., a new digital visual effects provider, has formed a strategic partnership with TVPaint Developpement Inc. for product development, marketing and distribution of TVPaint technologies. Bauhaus Software and TVPaint are combining their expertise to develop a new generation of cross platform computer graphics software for visual effects artists, video professionals and animators. These new products will be sold and distributed under the Bauhaus Software brand.

Software Headline News

SplutterFish Appoints Meyer as Director of Sales and Marketing

SplutterFish, a high-end 3D rendering software solutions provider, has appointed Gary Meyer to the new position of director of worldwide sales and marketing. Meyer will handle SplutterFish's sales and marketing efforts in the company's core film, broadcast and visualization markets. His responsibilities will also include the expansion and development of the company's reseller and channel networks as well as direct sales for the company's award-winning Brazil Rendering System and other software products.

Digital Headline News

eyeon Software Opens LA and Soho Offices

Due to the success of Digital Fusion and DFX+, eyeon Software Inc. has opened two new offices eyeon USA and eyeon Europe. Los Angeles-based eyeon USA is lead by Digital Fusion guru and director of business development, Rony Soussan, who has been influential in Digital Fusion's proliferation on the west coast, and has a long history as a digital compositor. Soussan offers expertise with both the product and the pipeline, as well as advanced training.

Software Headline News

Wildform Releases WILD FX 3.0

Wildform, creators of video and animation software, have released Wild fx 3.0, a major upgrade to its Flash text animation software, previously sold under the name SWfX. The new version has more than 100 new effects, including 45 that are infinitely customizable. These custom effects can also be used as templates to create new effects, which can be saved and added to the Wild fx library. All the effects can be moved, deleted and organized in a drag and drop folder tree.

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Discreet Talks Convergence Of Mobile Games And Hollywood At E3

Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc. will be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles May 1416, 2003 to showcase its 3D animation, modeling, character design, rendering and game modification software and integrated partner software demonstrations. Discreet will also share educational "how to" sessions in its private suite, regarding rapid game development for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, GameCube, and mobile games, the focus of the convention this year. The mobile games burgeoning market is predicted to reach more than $2 billion by 2004 and $7 billion by 2008 (Strategy Analytics, Inc. 2003 report). Discreet will also illustrate how its software is an effective bridge between Hollywood visual effects for motion pictures and the video game market, with market share in both industries.

Software Headline News

Alias|Wavefront Expands Third Party Developer Program

Alias|Wavefront, an SGI company, has started a third party developer program the Conductors Program - offering three levels of participation, to help what the company sees is a strong surge in developers seeking to create plug-ins and other complementary add-ons for Maya and StudioTools software.

Software Headline News

NXN Software Fill 3 Key Management Positions

NXN Software, a leading supplier of asset management solutions for the digital entertainment and computer graphics industries, has appointed Ernie Cicogna as its new general manager of U.S. operations, hired Neil Leshner to manage major account sales, and promoted Katja Reitemeyer to director of account management. These appointments support NXN's ongoing expansion into the games, film and simulation markets.

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Fox News Offers 3D Graphic Look At War

Animated 3D graphics continues to be an important part of how news organizations are explaining events of the war in Iraq. Recently AWN offered a look at how CNN uses animation (Animation Goes To War, March 27, 2003) and the tools its graphics team uses. Fox News Channel also extensively uses 3D animation with a different toolset. Animator Michael Galbavy said they create terrain starting with Curious Software. This data is outputted in two ways:1) as a polygonal mesh with a high resolution texture map.

Software Headline News

Discreet Announces 3ds Max 5.1 Update

Discreet has released 3ds max 5.1, a maintenance update available to 3ds max 5 customers as a software download from Discreet's Website. The 3ds max 5.1 update offers enhancements in several functional areas such as scripting, animation, modeling, rendering and mapping. Discreet has also initiated the Discreet Subscription Program, a new service giving 3ds max 5 users an online automated method of purchasing, managing and obtaining maintenance software.

Studio Headline News

Discreet Ships Character Studio 4

Discreet has announced the worldwide shipment of character studio 4, the character animation software that offers game developers and effects artists new breakthroughs in creating complex, realistic animated characters. Announced at SIGGRAPH 2002, character studio 4 includes significant enhancements designed to provide animators an easy-to-use system.

Software Headline News

Crater Software Returns To Canadian Ownership

Crater Software has ended its four-year partnership with EnEfecto of Barcelona, Spain. Crater Software president Joe Alonso has re-acquired all assets and intellectual properties of the Montreal, Canada-based software developer, including its CTP Pro 2D animation software. "This acquisition was something I was personally looking forward to," said Alonso.

Software Headline News

Zebra Development Gives Artists A New Way To Storyboard Projects

Zebra Development has released the first line of software aimed at changing the way storyboards are created. In development for two years, Storyboard Lite software will allow all levels of users to create storyboards with ease. Not only can traditional artists import, organize and modify their hand-drawn storyboards, but boards can also be created in three dimensions using a large expandable library of props and characters included with the software.

Animation Headline News

Alias|Wavefront To Receive Oscar For Maya

The winners of the Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical achievements for the year 2002 have been announced and Alias|Wavefront will receive an Oscar for Maya, its 3D animation, modeling and rendering production tool. Maya is widely used in feature films that incorporate 3D visual effects and animation, and was employed extensively in such films as SPIDER-MAN, ICE AGE, HOLLOW MAN and THE PERFECT STORM.

Software Headline News

Side Effects Software Offers Challenge To Apprentices

Side Effects Software, developer of the Houdini family of 3D software, is promoting its Houdini Apprentice Edition with the announcement of the Houdini Apprentice Challenge 2003, an art and animation contest based around the software. Co-sponsored by Hewlett Packard and ATI Technologies, the contest aims to support existing users and uncover new animation talent for leading studios that use Houdini.

Software Headline News

Lightwave3D Software Now On 3DBOXX Workstations

BOXX Technologies has entered into an agreement with NewTek to bundle and distribute NewTek's LightWave3D graphics and animation software on 3DBOXX workstations. NewTek recently unveiled version 7.5 of LightWave 3D, which includes features for soft-body dynamics, particles, hair and fur and unlimited render nodes. From now until December 15, 2002, BOXX is offering its 3DBOXX customers the opportunity to purchase LightWave 3D 7.5 for a special introductory price of US$995. Visit the BOXX Website at or call toll free at 877-877-BOXX for more details.

Game Headline News

Gamers Can Mod To The Max With Discreet's gmax Software

Discreet has released gmax 1.2, a free downloadable video game modification application used by game enthusiasts, game developers and publishers. With over 300,000 registered users since its 2001 release, gmax software has become a popular tool for gamers wanting to add custom characters, environments and animations to PC games. Leading game developers and publishers such as Infogrames, Electronic Arts and Microsoft have adopted gmax to produce gmax-ready titles with customization capabilities to enhance the title's appeal to the rapidly growing game "modder" community.