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Headline News FMX Announces Plans for 2011 Event

FMX 2011 - Europe's largest conference devoted to Animation, Effects, Games and Interactive Media celebrates its 16th Conference this year with another fantastic 4-days of networking, presentations, technical demonstrations, conference papers and recurring events.

Headline News Little Airplane Names Tom Brown VP, Production And Operations

Little Airplane Productions has named Tom Brown, Vice President, Production and Operations. The announcement was made today by Josh Selig, Founder and President, Little Airplane Productions.

Blogs Production Bloat: How Poor Planning Will Kill Your Project

Even professional productions with big money and all sorts of folks checking everyone’s work can be victimized by poor up-front planning. Don’t make the same mistake on your animation demos! Plan ahead, plan well, and stick to that plan.

Headline News Universal Taps Zoic To Help Design & Build Universal Virtual Stage 1

magine stepping onto a green screen set where you can see the middle of a virtual set that can be moved, manipulated, lit and filmed. This is the world of virtual production at Universal Virtual Stage 1 (UVS1) created in collaboration with Zoic Studios for a fully integrated virtual production pipeline that takes projects from pre-production through post.

Headline News Universal Studios Launches Virtual Stage

Universal Studios announces the opening of Universal Virtual Stage 1 (UVS1), a dedicated pre-rigged, pre-calibrated virtual production environment with motion capture, camera tracking and related technologies for commercials, television and features.

Headline News Stealth Media To Rep Astrid And The Staff Of Virtues

It was announced today that Stealth Media Group (SMG), an all rights Film Distributor and International Film and TV sales company, has signed on to handle sales for the Bron Studios / Forestlight Studios co-production ASTRID AND THE STAFF OF VIRTUES!

Headline News Trio Resurrects QuietMan

After three years of solitude at an undisclosed Shaolin temple on Hester near Grand, the iconic New York-based QuietMan returns with a fresh digital presence, renewed vigor and increased resources.

Blogs Leveraging Priorities; Every Budget has its Look, but not every Look has its Budget

By David Maas | Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 2:55am

Occasionally I'm confronted with the following scenario: an independent or student film is already half-finished, but now the budget's used up and the initiators are running out of steam / taking on jobs / otherwise reducing their future engagement on the production in question. But the film is really looking good and - yeah, it's half-finished! Here's what I tell them...

Headline News Columbia Pictures Shuffles Key Execs

Matt Tolmach has launched a new production company and will become a producer on the next installment of Spider-Man, the blockbuster film franchise he helped shepherd since its inception in 2002, it was announced today by Michael Lynton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman.