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SATIRE: Exec Miraculously Rescued from Unscheduled MIPtv Pitch Meeting

A Canal + development exec, trapped against a hallway support beam for more than 15 minutes in conversation with a Bollywood producer pitching a kid’s TV special, was miraculously rescued yesterday.

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AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for July 28, 2008

This week in AWN's Forums, a member suggest there are pros and cons to both anime and cartoons. A thread has begun on the new PBS series CLICK & CLACK'S AS THE WRENCH TURNS. Others are discussing WATCHMEN and AVATAR: THE LAST AIR BENDER. An animator needs help finding an easier method for animating a destruction scene. More members need help with pitches. A member is looking for more information on studios in Bangalore. As well as, tools for teaching animation, the