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Aardman Director Produces Viral Film To Mark MS Week

Aardman director Darren Robbie, who was a lead animator on the classic film Chicken Run and is also known as Chopsy Animation, has produced a stunning short animated film for the MS Society which graphically and powerfully depicts the reality of living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

People Blogs

Day 1 of Kidscreen Summit: No Rest For the Weary

It’s was officially day one of the Kidscreen Summit 2011 in NYC and the conference was in full swing. Producers and broadcasters from all around the globe are here in record attendance with unconfirmed reports of over 1600 people registered -- probably a couple hundred more not! Kidscreen has morphed from a chilled out meet and greet, development, co-production, “take a step back and have a bird’s eye-view of the business” to a mini MIPCOM market.

People Headline News

VIZ Pictures Becomes New People

VIZ Pictures, Inc., the film distributor and producer behind the Japanese pop culture venue in San Francisco known as NEW PEOPLE, has announced that it will now operate as a newly established company, NEW PEOPLE, Inc., to re-brand and create synergy between all corporate divisions.