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Official Headline News

AFI Picks Year's 10 Best, Includes WALL-E, Dark Knight, Button

The American Film Institute released the winners of its AFI Awards Sunday, including its annual top 10 list for both film and television.

AFI Movies Of The Year -- Official Selections


AFI TV Programs Of The Year -- Official Selections


Effects Headline News

Digital Musings From the Editor:

Critical reaction may be split on QUANTUM OF SOLACE, but the vfx are impressive, and VFXWORLD got to speak with both Marc Forster and his long-time visual effects designer Kevin Tod Haug about the unique challenges of working on a James Bond film. Meanwhile, Tom McLean delves into Baz Luhrmann's dreamy AUSTRALIA, speaking with Rising Sun, Animal Logic and Framestore. And we offer the fourth excerpt from THE OFFICIAL LUXOLOGY MODO 301 GUIDE, "Masking Effects" (from Thomson Course Technology), which explains a new twist on Shader Tree applications.

Bill DesowitzEditor

Official Headline News

Online Festival Animacam Open For Votes

The first Animacam is now open for online voting at

On December 21, contest officials will give out 22,000 Euros among the winners, divided in six official categories. Animacam was conceived as a meeting point for the general public and animation lovers.

There are 164 films from 77 contestants and 29 countries that can be voted on until December 1.

Game Headline News

Marvel and Activision's X-Men: The Official Game on Retail Shelves

Playing up to the release of Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Studios' feature film, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, Activision Inc. sent out X-MEN: THE OFFICIAL GAME to retail outlets in the U.S. The game catapults players into an original storyline and enables them to command the distinct powers of Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Iceman as they battle classic Brotherhood villains, including Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and Multiple Man and traverse unique environments that showcase each character's abilities while trying to save mutant-kind.

Screen Headline News

Over the Hedge & Southland Tales to Screen at Cannes

The 59th edition of the Festival de Cannes announced its official selection. DreamWorks Animation returns to coveted event with Tim Johnson and Karey Kirkpatricks OVER THE HEDGE, which screen as part of the Official selection Out Of Competition special screenings.

Official Headline News

In Memory of Mary Kay Bergman

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, November 17, 1999 at 12:00am

A sad cloud has eclipsed the world of animation since the passing ofbeloved voice-over actress, Mary Kay Bergman. She recently has provided thevoice for Daphne Blake in the two most recent Scooby-Doo direct-to-videoflicks; Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in "Batman: Subzero"; the "official" voicefor Disney's Snow White; and all but one of the female voices on ComedyCentral's "South Park." Many questions surrounding the details of herpassing have surfaced since fans have logged onto her Web site which only

Official Headline News

CINANIMA '99 announces their nominees!

The Cinanima International Animated Film Festival (held November 8-14,1999, in Espinho, Portugal), announced their '99 nominees. The selectionjury consisted of Menno De Nooijer (Netherlands), Manuel Matos Barbosa(Portugal), Antonio Melo (Portugal), Rodolfo Pastor (Spain) and PedroSerrazina (Portugal). Discover this year's official competition program, aswell as the retrospectives, exhibitions, and more. All is included on theFestival's official web site!