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Korea Media & Content Market at the Highland Center

Last week I attended the Korea Media and Content Market sponsored by the Korean Trade-Investment Agency (Kotra).The event was held at the Hollywood & Highland Center and was designed to introduce a number of Korean animation and media companies and their projects to interested investors and potential partners.

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Arc Prods. Hires Denton as SVP of Sales & Business Development

Arc Productions, recently acquired by a Canadian ownership group from Starz Media US, continues to build its senior management team with the hiring of Stephanie Denton to head its Los Angles office as Senior VP of Sales & Business Development.

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Window Wars

We all have a front row seat at the bar-room brawl that is the media business in 2011. In one corner, the barons of Old Media – the Ruperts, Sumners, the feisty Jeff Bewkes of Time Warner, and the (for now) low-profile but deadly Brian Roberts of Comcast. In the other corner: Netflix’s Founder/CEO Reed Hastings, Larry and Sergey from Google, patriarch Steve Jobs, and the other new gen entrepreneurs who are not afraid of where the business is going, including (in a fascinating case of the puppy taking a bite out of its master(s)) Jason Kilar at Hulu.

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Idiots’ Diary #4: Finding an Indie Cinema in NYC

I've narrowed my list of available NYC indie cinemas to 2: IFC Center and Cinema Village. Both are quite good and have a history of showing animated films. Both theaters seemed interested in Idiots & Angels, so I sent each booker a screener of the film plus the great reviews it got from Variety and The Village Voice. My plan, and I do have a plan, everybody should have a plan, is this…

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Idiots' Diary #2: Indie Distribution is not Self Distribution

Many people think that if you can't get the Weinsteins or Sony Picture Classics to distribute your film then it must be crap. Perhaps for some films that may be the case, but let me talk about the differences between indie distribution and self distribution.

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It's not always best to put all of your eggs in one basket

A small piece of advice - even good, honest people make mistakes and use poor judgment. The secret is not to buy into what someone tells you just because you believe the person would never lie to you. Better be cautious, even your mom and dad can lead you astray because they believe you'd make a great lawyer or sword-swallower or pickle maker - A person doesn't have to be a liar to be wrong so while you can respect others' judgment, never set your own aside.

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When is building a shopping mall like making a television game show?

The Mouse Factory is under attack having lost a major Jury decision regarding their accounting practices. Having claimed that "Who wants to be a Millionaire" was kept in the Red despite its tremendous success was too much for a Jury to stomach, awarding a huge settlement to the game's creator.

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Lauren Lung Named VP/GM of Kodak's Motion Picture Business in the Americas

Lauren Lung has been named vice president and general manager of Kodak's Entertainment Imaging Division in North and South America.

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Nick Tesi leaves Eyetronics to launch The Nicholas Group

By Matt Kapko | Monday, February 8, 2010 at 5:09am

Nick Tesi a veteran of the 3D graphics and Visual Effects business through 3D Scanning and Motion Capture has recently left Eyetronics (Sept 1st 09) after 9 1/2 years to start and build his own company ‘The Nicholas Group”.

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Be careful you don't fall so deeply in love with a property that you can't let go.

Like in poker it's best to know when to hold-em and when to fold-em. Don't make your creative children your real children because the time will likely come that you really should move on. Time, energy and money can be thrown out the window on unsellable properties, just because like your kids, you love them.....