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Artistic Image Reels in TroKar Fishhook Spot

When Denver-based 5 Stone Advertising set out to introduce a radical new bass fishhook for its, client Lazer TroKar, a division of the Wright & McGill Co., they called upon Artistic Image (AI) to visualize the concept and take the campaign from production to completion.

Bass Headline News

Lance Bass Guest Stars In Recurring Role On Handy Manny

DANCING WITH THE STARS' Lance Bass takes on a recurring guest role on Disney Channel's hit animated series, HANDY MANNY, starring Wilmer Valderrama.

Bass plays the klutzy, good natured "surfer dude," Elliot. In the episode premiering Friday, October 10 (9 a.m. ET/PT), Elliot's new rooster, Milton is crowing and waking up everyone in town. Manny must find a way to control Milton's crowing so that the neighbors are happy and Elliot can keep his pet.