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Headline News i3DTutorials Releases Mastering The Art of ICE Volume I

i3DTutorials announces their latest training product for SOFTIMAGE|XSI, MASTERING THE ART OF ICE VOLUME I: BREAKING THE ICE. This latest offering from the growing i3DTutorials library of SOFTIMAGE|XSI training products, teaches artists how to use one of the most stunning features of SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7, the new Interactive Creative Environment, known as ICE.

Approaching ICE from an artist's point of view, learn to harness the power of ICE step by step. Learn about the ICE Tree, the tools and features that give the artist more power than ever before with ICE's amazing workflow.

Headline News Autodesk Announces Recipients Of Masters Awards

Autodesk congratulates the recipients of this year's Autodesk Masters awards: Paul Neale, Dario Passariello, Andrea Maiolo and Piyush Patel. Through this annual program, Autodesk recognizes exceptional Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya software artists and technical specialists whose work and dedication have significantly contributed to the advancement of computer graphics. The 2008 Autodesk Masters were announced Tuesday on Autodesk's AREA community website.

Autodesk 3ds Max Masters 2008

Headline News Digital-Tutors Releases First Two Comprehensive Titles For SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7

Softimage training partner Digital-Tutors announced at SIGGRAPH the availability of INTRODUCTION TO XSI 7 and INTRODUCTION TO ICE IN XSI 7 -- the first two comprehensive training titles developed for XSI 7 and the latest additions to Digital-Tutors' growing library of interactive training for digital artists using SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7, the newest version of the complete 3D package for modeling, animating, rendering, and character development.

Headline News Digital-Tutors Releases The Artist's Guide To XSI 7

Digital-Tutors has released THE ARTIST'S GUIDE TO XSI 7. This marks the latest training DVD created in partnership between Digital-Tutors and SOFTIMAGE for the second consecutive year and bundled exclusively with SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7, the newest version of the complete 3D package for modeling, animating, rendering, and character development.

Headline News SIGGRAPH Selects Renowned Artists For Live Los Angeles Program

SIGGRAPH announces the return of the Artists in Residence program to SIGGARPH 2008, taking place August 11-15 in Los Angeles, California. This program was first introduced in 2007 and will feature six established resident artists -- with backgrounds ranging from art and computer design to architecture and engineering -- collaborating together and with conference attendees in real time.

Headline News Houdini 9.5 For Mac OS X

3-D animation and vfx software maker Side Effects Software will release Houdini 9.5 on July 15, 2008.

Houdini 9.5 brings the 3-D industry's first node-based workflow to the Mac ensuring that 3-D artists can collaborate seamlessly in a multi-platform environment. Houdini 9.5 public beta release is available today for download on all platforms.

Headline News Ballistic Publishing Announces d'artiste: Digital Painting 2

The sixth book in the d'artiste series -- DIGITAL PAINTING 2 -- features Master Artists Don Seegmiller, Melanie Delon, Daniel Dociu, and Marta Dahlig. For the first time, Ballistic Publishing offers pre-order customers the opportunity to download the majority of the Photoshop/Painter brushes used by the Master Artists in their tutorials.

Headline News Digital-Tutors Founder Nominated For Autodesk Maya Master Award

Digital-Tutors Founder and CEO, Piyush Patel received a nomination for Autodesk Maya Master Awards, an annual program recognizing top artists and technical specialists making outstanding contributions to their respective areas for the advancement of technology, art, and visualization.

Headline News MPC London Signs On Flame Artists

MPC has signed two of the industry's most creative individuals to add to their team of outstandingly talented Flame artists, vfx supervisors: Yourick Van Impe and Rob Walker.

Van Impe joins from The Mill. Van Impe's recent credits include a Pontiac spot directed by Pleix at Furlined, Audi R8 by Olivier Gondry at Partizan and Audi RS6 for Paul Hunter at Prettybird.

Headline News Opens Its Doors, is now online to help CG artists find freelance and full-time opportunities in the film, animation and game industries. CG-GIG is designed to help users look for "gigs" in the same way one person naturally seeks multiple resources. CG-GIG users are connected to all the best available CG job-seeking and career tools -- which means the more places there are to look for CG work, the more useful CG-GIG becomes.

Headline News Into The Pixel Open For 2008 Submissions

The world's only exhibition that brings together experts from both the fine art establishment and the interactive entertainment industry to explore the art of the video game, Into the Pixel is now accepting submissions for the 2008 collection at Now in its fifth year, Into the Pixel is the one annual opportunity for published video and computer game artists to be recognized by renowned fine art experts, the art-loving public and by their peers in the video game industry. Artists must submit their work by May 21, 2008, for consideration by the ITP jury.

Headline News NVIDIA and CGSociety Announce Winners Of Art Competition

NVIDIA and CGSociety announced the winners of the latest NVArt digital art challenge, the second in a series of worldwide art competitions. The theme was "Art Space: Architecture and Landscape."

Artists from around the world were invited to submit computer-generated imagery of "awe-inspiring fusions" of architecture and landscapes, with an emphasis on imagination and artistic expression. The winning submissions can be viewed online at

Headline News Digital-Tutors Release Real-Time Shaders With XNA

REAL-TIME SHADERS WITH XNA is now the first release in a series of interactive training titles for aspiring artists using XNA, Microsoft's software, services, resources, and communities focused on enabling game developers to be successful on Microsoft gaming platforms.

REAL-TIME SHADERS WITH XNA from Digital-Tutors offers nearly four hours of project-based training for technical artists learning a time-saving workflow to XNA and the essentials to creating real-time shaders.

Headline News Eyeon To Partner With Digital-Tutors

eyeon Software announced they have partnered with Digital-Tutors to complete a brand new Fusion training series.

Digital-Tutors is developing a library of training materials for new and experienced artists learning and using Fusion, eyeon's leading flagship compositing toolset for film, commercial broadcast, motion graphics and games development markets.

Headline News Hip-Hop Artists Protest Iraq Occupation with Music Video

Hip-hop artists from the U.S., U.K., Japan and Europe have collaborated on a one-off music video to protest the continued presence of U.S. troops in Iraq. The video was released today online, with additional broadcasts planned for other cross-channel digital media platforms.

Headline News Free 30-Day Trial of SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6.5 Now Available

Softimage Co. announced a new 30-day trial version of XSI 6.5, available in English and Japanese.

Features include:* Advanced Polygon Reduction -- allows artists to reduce the size and complexity of any model while maintaining all the details and surface properties of a high-resolution model

* Attribute Transfer with GATOR (Generalized Attribute Transfer Operator) -- artists can transfer surface properties such as Weights, UV and even Shapes between models, regardless of complexity or topology -- all with the push of a button

Headline News Digital-Tutors Announces New Rendering in ZBrush 3.1 Training

Digital-Tutors released MATERIALS AND RENDERING IN ZBRUSH 3.1, the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush 3.1, the award-winning integrated modeling, texturing and illustration environment developed by Pixologic.

Headline News ITM Brings Producers and Freelancers Together

ITM Creatives, the artistic division of talent agency International Talent Management (ITM), has launched a site that allows producers to search for freelance artists, animators and related technicians by location, profession and availability. Operating across the three primary entertainment fields -- interactive entertainment, feature films and television -- ITM doesn't charge the hiring company for using its services and is committed to charging its clients a reasonable commission as part of their agency representation.

Headline News Minnie Driver Raids Tombs for ReVisioned

Minnie Driver will provide the voice for Lara Croft in GameTap's REVISIONED, the online animated series that will ask various artists to give their take on TOMB RAIDER for the first season. The 10-episode animated webseries debuts July 10, 2007.

"Minnie Driver really does have a fabulous voice," Ricardo Sanchez, GameTap's vp of content, said. "She's had experience doing animation as well, which was good. She was perfect."

Headline News Digital-Tutors Releases Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush 3

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of PIPELINE INTEGRATION WITH MAYA AND ZBRUSH 3, the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush 3, the award-winning integrated modeling, texturing and illustration environment developed by Pixologic. Artists will learn a production approach to integrating Maya and ZBrush 3 in a mixed pipeline environment with four hours of project-based training.

Headline News Gnomonology Launches to Empower Digital Artists

With the increasing prevalence of online video and high-speed net access, Gnomon Workshop has created Gnomonology ( as a resource for its professional instructors and students from around the world. Delivering high-quality tutorials and assets for a variety of tools and applications, Gnomonology strives to provide convenient, affordable and educational content. The idea is to empower digital artists with professional techniques that have been developed through the years of experience Gnomon instructors bring to the site.