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The 21st Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market

AWM's report from the mother of all animation festivals includes A Booming MIFA, But For Whom? by Buzz Potamkin, and Annecy: The Long and The Short of the Carnival by the Lake in English and in French by French journalist and Annecy veteran Michel Roudevitch.

Animation ANIMATIONWorld

Software Review: Web Painter

One of Totally Hip's "Hip Clips"In the last issue, I looked at Macromedia's Flash, a program that allows you to do animation for the Web. This month, I tested out Totally Hip Software's WebPainter, a program with the same general purpose as Flash, but aimed at a different market. While Flash works with vector-based images and allows a considerable amount of interactivity for a rather high price; WebPainter allows you to easily create GIF animations, and is inexpensive, but lacks the interactivity and more professional look that Flash is capable of.

If you already have a program like...


Cats Don't Dance

Danny the cat.I came to Cats Don't Dance with few expectations, thinking only "a flick with six Randy Newman songs in it can't be all bad." Things got off on the wrong foot with a lifeless, laughless Foghorn Leghorn short, Pullet Surprise (directed by Darrel Van Citters for Chuck Jones Productions) tacked to the beginning, but took a more promising turn as the feature proper got underway. Any movie that borrows successfully from Sunset Boulevard and Singin' in the Rain in the first reel is well on its way to winning this old film buff's heart. Cats...