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ANIMATIONWorld New from Japan: Anime Film Reviews

Who could have predicted this? I just read that Oscar winners live longer. In our case, the Oscar gave our life an instant boost, and a perpetual publicity handle. We managed five nominations, and have been living in the glow ever since. But was Bill Snyder able to melt that golden statuette down into real dollars?

ANIMATIONWorld The Animation Pimp: Chaos x Order + Fragments x Whole + Process x End(s) = The 2003 Year in Review!

Taylor Jessen reviews five short films fresh from the festival circuit: Maanvis (Moonfish) by Isabel Bouttens, Im A Star! By Stefan Stratil, How To Cope With Death directed by Ignacio Ferregras, How Mermaids Breed directed by Joan Ashworth and Chainsmoker directed by Ulf Lundgren. Includes QuickTime movie clips!