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The value of information

At this moment I'm using my Ipad to write this blog, my Windows7 workstation at the office to finish and upload it, while I'm checking my mail on my Android phone. We have an internal Wiki, a second wiki for another company I'm partnering in, Shotgun for project management, Tara with a SQL server backend for automated tasks, an Access database for on-set data, expression media databases, a facebook page linked to our Twitter and Youtube accounts, an Exchange server for Outlook, three Dropbox accounts, a Yousendit account, our own ftp server, I'm on linked-in, Xing, vfxconnection, and I'm getting daily Google alerts on a dozen topics . It's exhausting.

But for some reason I still have the feeling I'm not getting the information I actually WANT or NEED.


Thanks Dr. Catmull

At The Eighth Annual VES Awards Show Dr. Ed Catmull was rightly presented with the George Melies Award for Pioneering. His contributions to computer motion graphics and the entertainment industry as we know it today are myriad and foundational. Dr.Catmull gave a thoughtful, moving and understated speech while accepting the award. At the end of his speech he softly expressed that the best part of the journey had been the people that he had gotten to know. This brought to my mind two very special people that have since moved on.