Oscar Short List


The Little Wooden Boy

Pinocchio, a little wooden boy, leaves his home country to fly to the United States and make it in the animation big time. He is quite surprised when he finds an assembly line waiting for him...

The Little Wooden Boy. © A Film Aps.

I have participated on a number of big animated movies, but have not felt artistically satisfied even so. Instead I have felt an increasing need to make my own film. Knowing that short animated films are shown mostly at animation film festivals, I thought it would be okay to make a film that speaks directly to that audience. Both in terms of, `Hey, don't think it's all fun working at a big studio,' for the young aspiring animation artist, and in terms of, `Do you recognize the situation, Brother?' for the seasoned animation veteran.

I have had great help from my friends, who not only provided the voices for the characters, but also contributed with their own work experience. It's been therapeutic for me to tell this story; and my goal has been to make a personal comment on my time in Hollywood, and make it entertaining at the same time.
-- Jorgen Klubien

Written and Directed by Jorgen Klubien.

Running Time:

10 minutes


A Film Aps.