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More tells the story of an old, tired inventor as he struggles through joyless life in a drab and passionless society, leading the same cold and colorless existence accepted by the identical drones around him. At once tortured and inspired by his dreaming of and yearning for his younger carefree days, he struggles to finish the invention he hopes will give his life meaning and worth. His world and the world of those around him is transformed when his secret invention is completed. However, his subsequent success does not come without sacrifice. The inventor realizes that the true essence of his inspiration cannot be manufactured...

Images: Bad Clams Productions.

I was intrigued and excited at the idea of taking a ten-inch puppet made out of clay, wire and latex and bringing it to life on a screen six and a half stories tall. Much to my surprise, stop motion in all of its organic and handmade beauty was truly breathtaking and amazing on this scale. Many people consider stop motion a dying art form, so what better way to keep it alive then to bring it into this new format, and celebrate its uniqueness by immersing the audience in all of its beauty like never before.

We finished the print an hour before the premiere event. It wasn't until that first screening that everyone involved saw the film projected at its intended scale in the IMAX Theater. It was unbelievable to see my story transformed to the huge screen after nine months of intense concentration and focused work on tiny miniatures. It was the ultimate thrill.
-- Mark Osborne

Written and Directed by Mark Osborne.

Running Time:

6 minutes


Flemington Pictures, Bad Clams Productions and Swell Productions.



Mark Osborne wrote about his experience creating More in "Making More Out of Stop Motion on the Giant Screen," which was featured in the February 1999 issue of Animation World Magazine.

More also recently won the Jury Award for Special Recognition for Short Filmmaking at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.