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When Life Departs

Children's attitudes toward death are explored in this genre-transgressing film which combines documentary authenticity with subtle and fantasy inducing animation. A documentary sound track of children with vague conceptions of death, who have lost someone dear and who are close to death themselves speak freely while accompanied by a visual universe of children's drawings

When Life Departs. © A Film Aps.

The subtitle of the film is `Children's Thoughts About Death' and their conceptions are often very concrete and logical, but at the same time their fantasy reaches much farther than we grownups -- perhaps more limited in our perception -- can follow. But we can learn a lot from the children and with this film as an initiating point, we can begin to breach the gap and talk about death as an integral part of life, rather than only a tragic end.

-- Ulla Hjorth Nielsen, Children's Film Consultant

Directed by Karsten Killerich and Stefan Fjeldmark.

Running Time:

10 minutes


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