The 1999 AWN
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Jolly Roger

A sea captain and his one-man crew have to contend not only with pirates but with a feisty young woman whom they misguidedly save from drowning.

Jolly Roger. © Channel Four Corporation MCMXCVIII.

The making of Jolly Roger was a very enjoyable experience for me. I've wanted to set a short film on the sea for ages; in fact the image of a huge, solid blue sea, with a tiny ship lost in its centre first appeared in two unrealized projects before I started working on the script for this film. I wanted to keep the dialogue to an absolute minimum -- almost the only words spoken are commands. The three main characters in the film are used to issuing orders and getting their own way; but in the middle of a vast ocean, orders only mean anything if you've got a ship....
-- Mark Baker

Directed by Mark Baker.

Running Time:

12 minutes


Astley Baker.