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1001 Nights

When a male and a female are created by the Carnival of Life, they are given two attributes of character that although are at odds with each other, ultimately bring them together. Their love creates a world of their own, cheating the ominous return of the Carnival.

1001 Nights. 1998 1001 Nights Production/Bellsystem24.

1001 offered me a great opportunity to work with a variety of talents that stretched from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Toronto to London. Many of the people that I approached, I had worked with before and knew their unique abilities. The others I found very creative and willing to work on such a film. In that we had a little over 4 months to make the piece, all of the animators, both traditional and computer were extremely giving and trusting in terms of how it might all come together.

It was creatively fulfilling to bring such diverse areas of animation together to make a smooth flowing visual piece that tries to involve such emotions that arise in moments of lust, passion and love.

I kept the film's story line from being too literal and made it more surreal to allow the music, which should not be called a `score,' but rather a piece especially composed by David Newman to explore these emotions in their own way. Very little influence was forced from either the music or the visuals onto each other. This situation was designed to add to the impact and exploration of a live performance with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra.

Although primarily meant to be a live event, the film has had good reactions, and I am honored it has reached this far in such a prestigious award.

-- Mike Smith

Directed, Co-Produced and Animated by Mike Smith.

Running Time:

24 minutes.


Hyperion Studio for Bellsystem 24.


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