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2012 AWN Oscar Showcase

Written and Directed by: Patrick Doyon
Running Time: 10:00
Release Date: 2011
Technique: Drawing on paper
Produced by: Marc Bertrand and Michael Fukushima

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After mass, the family gathered at Grandma and Grandpa's house, as they did every Sunday. With everyone talking at once, it sounded like a family of crows cawing while perched on hydro lines. The town factory has closed its doors and, naturally, the adults can't stop fretting about their money problems. On this particular Sunday, one of the village boys places a coin on the train tracks. Imagine his astonishment when, picking up the coin after a train has run over it, he discovers some amazing changes. Sunday, young filmmaker Patrick Doyon's first film, is a magical tale that imparts important lessons about life as seen through the eyes of a child..

Additional Notes

Executive Producer: Rene Chenier and David Verrall
Music by: Luigi Allemano

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