Written and Directed by: Bastien Dubois
Running Time: 11:30
Release Date: 2009
Technique: 2D/3D
Produced by: Ron Dyens and Aurelia Previeu

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This film is a journey diary that redraws the trip of a European traveler confronted with Famadihana customs. As pages of a diary turn, colorful pencil sketches come to life, revealing the majestic rolling landscapes of Madagascar, and acquainting the audience to the people of the Malagasy culture.

Additional Notes

Executive Producer: Ron Dyens and Aurelia Previeu
Music by: Cyrille Lauwerier

Director's Quote:
"I went back to Madagascar a year ago to show the film to the musicians and inhabitants in the village where the action took place. It was an extraordinary experience! I went to the village and to the musicians (a godforsaken place!) to set up a meeting with them the following week, explaining that I was going to rent a bus and that we would all go see the film together at the movie theater in the nearest town (Antsirabe). The following week I came with my bus to the meeting place a few kilometers from their village, which was inaccessible by road, hoping they would be there. Actually, since their French was very basic and my Malagasy is limited to a few polite phrases, I wasn't completely sure I would find them there. But everyone was there! The musicians hadn't understood that we were going to see the film, so they thought that I wanted to do some more recording. So we loaded the kids, the grandmothers, the banjos and the base drums onto the bus and off we went! After a bumpy ride for half an hour, we made it to the Alliance francaise movie house: a hangar with wooden chairs and an unmanageable projector. We waited 45 minutes while the projectionist repaired it. But no problem: the musicians played us a little concert, and everybody began dancing! The kids and the grandmothers! The movie house director was bowled over. We still wound up seeing the film, and in the dark I heard them saying 'Izao! Izao' (That's me! That's me!). We watched the film again, and then I took them back home by bus. They thanked me warmheartedly: it was the first time they'd ever been to a movie!"

All Images: All clips and images courtesy of Sacrebleu Productions.