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Animation World Network's 4th Annual Oscar Review!


© Michael Dudok de Wit
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March 25, 2001 was the Big Night: the 73rd Academy Awards, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. For a few moments when the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film is presented, animation is given its just place next to the likes of such mainstream blockbusters as Erin Brockovich. AWN, dedicated to creating awareness and honoring this year's Oscar nominees in the Best Animated Short Film category is, again, the place where one can go to discover of all the animated nominees and the Oscar Winner...


Congratulations to Director Michael Dudok de Wit and crew.

In addition, the results are in for AWN's Oscar Review reader poll. For the fourth year running, AWN's readership has chosen the same winner as the Academy! 46% of all AWN voters predicted Father and Daughter would take home the Oscar -- closely followed by The Periwig-maker. We hope you visited each nominee that was featured in The 2001 AWN Oscar Showcase. If you didn't then take a few moments to see them now!

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