While we all know which five films are this year's Oscar nominees, we thought everyone would like to take a closer look at the other five films that were shortlisted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences but not nominated. Each in-depth profile comes complete with QuickTime movie clips, quotes and summaries, so that you can experience these other films that were the tops in festivals worldwide in 1999.

The Indescribable Nth, Fractured Fairy Tales: The Phox, the Box and the Lox, Monsieur Pett, Village of Idiots and Silence were all shortlisted and deserve a second look!

Also, don't forget to visit The 2000 AWN Oscar Showcase. AWN is, again, the only place in the world where one can go to see clips of all the animated nominees. Each nominee is featured on AWN with a 15-30 second QuickTime clip, film stills, a brief summary of the film and an exclusive quote.

Plus, you can vote for which one you think will be the big winner on awards night. We will announce our winner on Oscar Day and see if the knowledgeable readership of AWN is right on target. March 26th will be the Big Night: the 72nd Academy Awards so make sure you vote for your favorite. Participate in Animation World Network's Oscar Showcase today!