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© and TM Aardman Animations 1998.


© and TM Aardman Animations 1998.

"Two bored shadow puppets play themselves at their own game."

From England comes the Aardman Studios produced film Humdrum, directed by Peter Peaks. From the beginning of the film -- as its two characters say, "Anything on telly? . . . Only some weird animation thing. . . . Oh God." -- it is evident that the film will be a self parody. Since the characters themselves are composed of cast shadows from animated figures, the joke is heightened when they resort to playing shadow puppets with their hands. One character comments, "I can't think of anything more boring than staring at some stupid shadows for God's sake. Is this what happens when you don't have any friends?" One has the feeling the idea for this film came about after some animators found themselves having the very same conversation.

Written, Designed and Directed, Peter Peake

Peter Peake graduated from Bath College of Higher Education in June 1992 with a BA(Hons) degree in Graphic Design. In the same month he started employment as a freelance animator & director at Aardman Animations.

In this time he has worked on many commercials, several short films and won several prestigious awards. He has directed his own short films Pib and Pogand Humdrum.

Running Time: 7 minutes
Production: Aardman Studios

Written, Designed and Directed: Peter Peake; Producers: Carla Shelley, Michael Rose

Awards: Grand Prize winner of the 1999 New York International Children's Film Festival, February 1999; Distinction awarded for script, backgrounds, quality of animation, or a combination of these features, jointly with Mark Baker's "Jolly Roger" Annecy, France May 1999; McLaren Award for Best Animation, Edinburgh International FIlm Festival, August 1998
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