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3 Misses

3 Misses
© CineTe Filmprodukite.

High up in his top-floor apartment a tenant sees a woman falling off the roof of the building opposite. Far away in the prairies a cowboy hears cries for help from a woman tied down to the railroad track as a train is approaching. And deep in their cave seven dwarfs learn that Snow White is about to be poisoned by a witch. They all run to the rescue. Unfortunately, they are not very good at it.

If 3 Misses is as much fun to watch as it was to figure out and animate, it certainly serves its purpose.
-- Paul Driessen

Script, Design and Animation, Paul Driessen

Running Time: 10 minutes 30 seconds
Production: CineTe Filmprodukite in association with Channel 4 Television and La Sept ARTE with financial support from the Dutch Film Fund.

Script, Design and Animation: Paul Driessen

Awards: Best European Short Film I Castelli Animati Festival - Genzano di Roma 1999; Third Best Film of the Official Selection Anima Mundi Festival - Sao Paulo 1999

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