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Hollywood, California-based CLASS-KEY CHEW-PO COMMERCIALS has signed TOMDECKER to direct spots for its commercial division. Decker is best knownfor his direction of the on-going Chuck E. Cheese campaign. From 1994-1997Decker was senior animator at Chuck Jones Productions where he worked ontheatrical shorts starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and other classiccharacters in such titles as SUPERIOR DUCK and FROM HARE TO ETERNITY.

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PINOCCHIO returns to VHS

Buena Vista Home Entertainment previously announced that the 60thAnniversary Edition of Disney's classic PINOCCHIO would be the first Disneyanimated feature to be released in the DVD format [Animation Flash8/24/99]. Now they have announced that a new VHS edition of PINOCCHIO,fully restored and THX-certified, will be available on the same day as theDVD version, October 26, 1999 in the US. This version will include a"Making of Pinocchio" bonus section, which will only be available on the

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Newtek ships Video Toaster for Windows

San Antonio, Texas-based NewTek, manufacturer of 3D animation and videoproduction products, has announced Video Toaster for Windows. The new VideoToaster is the heir to the original Video Toaster for the Amiga, whichinitiated the desktop video revolution in 1990. The Video Toaster offersusers a suite of tools for video creation including all the essentialcomponents for video editing, compositing and 2D/3D animation. Thesuggested retail price is $2995.00. The dual format NTSC and PAL solutionretails for $3495.00.

Animation Headline News

Station X licenses animation software

Santa Monica, California-based Station X Studios is licensing theproduction version of its proprietary animation software tools, code named"Project: messiah," as a commercial software product. The high-endanimation production software, developed to animate the studio'sforthcoming live-action/CGI feature film DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: THE MOVIE, canbe used on computers utilizing the Microsoft Windows NT operating systemwith either Intel compatible or Alpha compatible processors. A Mac version

Sega Headline News

SEGA Dreamcast sets record for preorders

Sega DreamCast, the superconsole with a built-in 56K modem (for internetgame play) that will bring the most-advanced and realistic video gameplayever developed to consumers when it is launched on September 9, 1999, hasset a record with 300,000 pre-orders, surpassing the previous record of100,000 held by Sony PlayStation. The new 128-bit, Internet-ready SegaDreamCast is fifteen times more powerful than a Sony PlayStation, ten timesmore powerful than a Nintendo 64 and has four times the graphics processing

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DARIA goes interactive

MTV and sister Viacom unit Simon & Schuster Interactive are producing sixCD-ROM (for PC and Mac) and PlayStation entertainment titles for MTV'sDARIA over the next five years. The first title, DARIA'S SICK, SAD LIFEPLANNER will ship this October for the PC. DARIA, which debuted in March of1997, spun off Beavis and Butt-Head's only female "friend" into her ownshow. The series is about Daria Morgendorffer, a smart and sardonicteenager blessed with an uncanny ability to turn potential disaster to her

International Headline News

Don't miss MIM!

The 6th Multimedia International Market (MIM) takes place September 15-17in Montreal, Canada. The tradeshow includes the International Golden MIMscompetition which will award prizes for the best CD-Rom, Web Sites andOthers (Business Solutions, Multimedia Software, Special Effects). For moreinformation Tel. (514) 288 3931, Fax: (514) 288 0641, or Also visit

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WIA Writers Group presents Lydia Marano

The Women In Animation Writers Group presents guest speaker Lydia Marano,whose credits include GARGOYLES, SPIDER-MAN, PHANTOM 2040, CONAN AND THEYOUNG WARRIORS, and RESCUE RANGERS. The event takes place Thursday,September 9, 7:30 pm. at Saban Entertainment, 10960 Wilshire Blvd. at thecorner of Midvale in Westwood, California, USA. The admission fee is $5.00.RSVP: Karla Parker at, or Jean Wrightat (818) 360-8321.

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DENNIS KANG wins CDIS scholarship

DENNIS KANG, a graduate of Robert Bateman Secondary School in Abbotsford,Canada, has been awarded a $5,000 entrance scholarship by the CENTER FORDIGITAL IMAGING AND SOUND (CDIS). Kang will begin his post-secondarystudies this October in CDIS's full-time Character Animation Program.Established in 1979, CDIS is one of Canada's oldest and most successfulprivate media arts colleges with graduates working world-wide in today'smost interesting fields.

Series Headline News

Sony formalizes Family Entertainment Group

Sony Pictures Entertainmenthas formalized the name of its newest business unit, Sony Pictures FamilyEntertainment Group (SPFE), and appointed Gary Hirsch as senior vicepresident and general manager of the division. Reporting to SanderSchwartz, president of the relatively new division, Hirsch will oversee newbusiness development opportunities for the division and its day-to-dayoperations, including business affairs, human resources, studio operations,production and marketing. Hirsch comes to Sony's SPFE from Columbia

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Cartoon Network promotes James Porges to V.P. of Off-Channel Commerce

Cartoon Network has promoted James Porges to vice president of off-channel commerce. Porges will manage the businessdevelopment of consumer products and off-channel presence of all CartoonNetwork-branded multi-character efforts, including publishing, music, homevideo, and theme parks. He will also manage all original Cartoon Networkcharacters such as The Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Bravo. Prior to becomingdirector of brand management, Porges was director of Cartoon Network Clubsat Turner Home Entertainment.

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PHANTOM MENACE continues to score at the boxoffice

Lucasfilm's STAR WARS EPISODE ONE:THE PHANTOM MENACE passed the $300 million mark in overseas boxoffice,making it the eleventh most successful film of all time outside of NorthAmerica. It opened last week in Switzerland with $1.1 million, thefourth-biggest opening there. In three regions where it was in its secondweek of release, it took in $7.5 million in Germany for a total of $24.7million; $2.7 million in Spain for a total of $10.9 million; and $893,000in Sweden for a total of $3.1 million. The film's total gross from 27

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Kino releases Brothers Quay


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Macromedia releases Flash Writer for Adobe Illustrator users

San Francisco, California-based Macromedia, Inc. has announced Macromedia FlashWriter, a free downloadable plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, which willenable Illustrator users to save their artwork natively to the Flash Playerfile format (SWF). Illustrator users will now be able to deploy theirartwork to the Web immediately without having to reformat it as a bitmappedfile. Flash is the industry standard for high-impact, vector-based Websites that deliver motion, sound, interactivity and graphics. Flash Writer

Online Headline News

MTV forms MTV Interactive (MTVi)

New York-based MTV Networks Online, a unit of ViacomInc., has formed MTV Interactive (MTVi), a new Internet-only music company,which will include music super-brands, and Butterworth, former president of SonicNet, was named president andCEO of MTVi, and will report directly to Fred Seibert, president of MTVNetworks Online and Chairman of MTVi. "We think there is great value informing a company that includes three of the Internet's best music sites,"

Penn Headline News

Penn & Teller guest star on WHIRLGIRL

Magicians Penn & Teller willguest star on the September 10th episode of's WHIRLGIRL, Showtime'sanimated online series about a sexy, 21st century cyber-heroine. "We sawPenn & Teller's wise-guy approach to magic and their cult-like appeal as aperfect fit for the WhirlGirl audience," says WHIRLGIRL creator DavidWilliams of New York-based Visionary Media, producer of the series."Besides, who else but Penn & Teller could pull off the'Throwing-Knives-at-a-Super-Heroine-On-A-Roulette-Wheel' stunt?" The

Animation Headline News

NPAR 2000 calls for entries

NPAR 2000 is the first internationalsymposium dedicated to non-photorealistic animation and rendering,including cartoon animation systems and techniques. It takes place at theInternational Animated Film Festival of Annecy, France, July 5-9, 2000 inconjunction with ACM/SIGGRAPH and Eurographics. The symposium will bringtogether researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, showcasecutting-edge research in non-photorealistic animation and rendering systemsand techniques, and present examples of these techniques in original

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Bill Plympton around the world!

Once again, Bill Plympton has updated his appearances page. In the nextmonths, "I Married a Strange Person" will be appearing in various festivalsand other events in the US, Germany, Finland and Ukraine. Bill will also beattending the events in the US and Germany.

Check out Bill's appearance schedule.

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Imagina 2000, PISAF and Stuttgart event dates announced

This week's updates to the Calendar of Events includes the followingfestivals: Imagina 2000 in France, Stuttgart in Germany, PISAF in SouthKorea; Plus the first International Symposium On Non-PhotorealisticAnimation and Rendering in France. The Calendar of Upcoming Events is aconstantly changing reference source for what's happening around the Worldof Animation. Use it to stay abreast of animation related activities acrossthe globe. If you know of animation related events that we don't have

Animation Headline News

Store Special: New Video Of Estonian Animation, With Priit Parn

Now available in the AWN Store is a 70 minute collection of shorts byaward-wining Estonian animator Priit Parn. Since making his first film, "Isthe Earth Round" (1977), animator, illustrator, and artist Priit Parn hasevolved into one of the most influential animation artists in the world.His films are routinely invited to animation festivals where they have wonseveral major awards. Included in volume 1 of an extensive series examiningthe history of Estonian animation are: "And Plays Tricks" (1979), "Some