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Zoo Lane Animals Head For American Shores

PorchLight Home Entertainment has acquired the U.S. DVD distribution rights to the award-winning television program 64 ZOO LANE from Millimages U.K.

From the award-winning Belgium television producer and author An Vrombaut, 64 ZOO LANE currently airs on Nickelodeon Jr.'s Noggin network for preschoolers in the U.S. and the BBC in the U.K. The acquisition is part of an expanded and aggressive branding campaign in the U.S. that includes the April 28 release of six books from Hodder and Stoughton.

64 ZOO LANE follows the adventures of a little girl named Lucy who lives at 64 Zoo Lane, next door to a zoo. Every night, she climbs out of her window, slides down the long neck of Georgina the giraffe and listens to one of the animals at the zoo tell her a story.

Georgina, Nelson the elephant, Zed the zebra, Tickles and Giggles the monkeys, Henrietta the hairy hippopotamus, Joey the kangaroo, Snowbert the polar bear and Kevin the crocodile entertain as children explore social and emotional issues (like responsibility, friendship, helping and caring) and learn about language and vocabulary.

64 ZOO LANE has a pre-order date of June 25 and a street date of July 29. Suggested retail price is $14.98.

64 ZOO LANE has won the 2002 British Animation Award for Best Pre-School Series and the 2000 Pulcinella Prize for Best Series for Children at the international television festival Cartoons on the Bay.