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Zoic Provides a Big CG Chill to Day After Tomorrow

Zoic Studios helped create the illusion of cold via 47 shots in which visible breath is seen in the Fox feature THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, which opens May 28. Working in decidedly warmer temperatures then they were replicating, Zoic's team animated for three months perfecting the extensive breath scenes needed in a frozen New York. The shots were created using Maya, combustion and flame.

Zoic credits:

VFX producer: Raoul Y. BologniniVFX super: Rocco PassioninoLead compositor: Patti GannonCombustion artist: Sean AppleCG artists: Reggie Fourmyle, Kenny Sutherland, Olivier Van Zeveren and Jonathan Feldman

Launched by executive producer Steve Schofield, and creative directors Chris Jones and Loni Peristere, Zoic Studios ( is a leader in visual effects and CG animation in the commercials, music videos, feature film and episodic television arenas. TV's CSI: MIAMI, CENTURY CITY and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, numerous commercials including spots for KIA, Chevy, SBC, as well as music videos for Linkin Park and Dave Matthews showcase the talent of the Zoic team.