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Zoic Applies VFX to Launch of KIA's Amanti

To help independent advertising agency davidandgoliath launch KIA's new luxury sedan, Amanti, Anonymous Content director Jeffrey Plansker collaborated with award-winning Zoic Studios to apply visual effects expertise to BOOKS.

The :30 spot, which begins airing Jan. 5, 2004, features the gorgeous new automobile driving around giant books, deftly avoiding them as they fall. "Where is it written," asks the voiceover, "that a big car has to be boring? Where is it written that luxury is only for the few? If it is written somewhere, we couldn't find it." The spot ends with the stylish car driving through the desert toward the viewer -- the new luxury vehicle is unveiled.

Plansker, who has a longtime relationship with Zoic, came to the vfx company with the challenge of doing the production as practically as possible. Building on the initial creative concept, Zoic established the technical approach to the shoot, suggesting the use of huge 60-foot-high flats, which were effective in replicating naturalistic light and shadow and used as placeholders for CG books. Zoic used boujou software to track the flats, eventually replacing them with digital books created with Maya using scans of real vintage tomes. The final compositing was executed in flame. Dust and film grain were added to provide a seamless photo-real look to the imagery.

Zoic credits include:

Steve Schofield (exec producer)Carla Attanasio (producer)Chris Jones (senior compositor/creative directorAndrew Sinagra (lead CG artist)

Launched by exec producer Steve Schofield and creative directors Chris Jones and Loni Peristere, Zoic Studios of Los Angeles ( is a leader in vfxand CG animation in the commercials, music videos, feature film and episodic television arenas. TV's ANGEL, TWILIGHT ZONE and FIREFLY, numerous commercials, as well as music videos for Linkin Park, DMX and Mudvayne showcase the talent of the Zoic team.